25 Amazing Benefits Of Living With Your Best Friends

Home is where the heart-to-heart is.

1. The most boring errands, like grocery shopping, become hilarious adventures.

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2. And doing household chores together basically feels like a party.

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3. You always have a cuddle buddy.

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4. And you often find yourselves having intense heart-to-hearts at 3 a.m., without having planned to.

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5. You always have someone to pregame with before heading out…

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6. Someone to travel with when you’re ready to go…

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7. Of course, you always have someone to come home with at the end of the night.

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8. And, most importantly, someone to commiserate with when you’re hungover on Sunday mornings.

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9. You’re immune to FOMO because even when you stay in, your favorite person is right there with you.

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10. Cooking together is always a roller coaster.

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11. You always have someone to take your quarter-life crises to, no matter how unearthly the hour.

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12. You have someone to watch every new episode of your shows with, and discuss immediately after.

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13. And movie nights are the best nights.

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14. (Rivalled only by game nights, which are pretty great too, actually.)

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15. You’re 100% comfortable walking around the house without real clothes on.

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Which is good because pants are the enemy.

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16. You’re always up to speed on each other’s love lives.

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17. (Sometimes a little too intimately.)

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18. You never feel the need to communicate passive-aggressively.

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19. Because you’re seriously OK with being honest with each other.

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20. You always have someone to give you outfit feedback.

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21. And you have twice the clothes* to choose from, because sharing is caring.


*And shoes, and accessories.

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22. Which also means you double up on friends, parties, stories, and experiences.

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23. When you hear other people’s roommate horror stories, you realize you’ve lucked out.

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24. Because you always have someone who asks you how your day was, and actually cares.

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25. And because no matter how your day is, you always get to come home to your favorite person.

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