31 Signs You’re A Third Culture Kid

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According to sociologist David C. Pollock:

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But, of course, you knew that already.

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1. You can curse convincingly in at least five different languages.

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2. To everyone’s confusion, your accent changes depending on who you’re talking to.

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3. And you often slip foreign slang into your English by mistake, which makes you unintelligible to most people.

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4. You’re really good at calculating time differences, because you have to do it every time you call your parents.

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5. But you also have your computer programmed to help you out when your math fails.

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6. You start getting birthday wishes several hours before your birthday, from your friends farther east than you.

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7. Your passport looks like it’s been through hell and back.

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Or, more likely, your passports*, in the plural.

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8. You have a love-hate relationship with the question “Where are you from?”

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You have both a short and long answer ready, and you pick one depending on who’s asking.

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9. You run into your elementary school friends in unlikely countries at unlikely times.

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10. You’ve spent an absurd and probably unhealthy amount of time on airplanes.

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11. And you definitely know your way around jet-lag recovery.

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12. Your list of significant others’ nationalities reads like a soccer World Cup bracket.

Handy, huh?

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13. And your circle of best friends is as politically, racially, and religiously diverse as the United Nations.

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14. Which is great, except that you “hang out” more online than in real life.

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15. So when you do see your best friends, you lose it a little.

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16. You’ve had the most rigorous sensitivity training of all: real life.

Always take your shoes off in a Thai household, but never show the soles of your feet to an Arab.

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17. You get nervous whenever a form needs you to enter a “permanent address.”

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18. You know that McDonald’s tastes drastically different from country to country.

And you can rank them from best to worst.

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19. You’re a food snob because you’ve sampled the best and most authentic of every possible cuisine.

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20. You convert any price to two different currencies before making significant purchases.

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21. You don’t call it “home.” You call it “passport country.”

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22. You often find yourself singing along to songs in languages you don’t speak or understand.

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23. You miss BBM, but Viber and WhatsApp will do for now.

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24. You’re the token exotic friend in your non-TCK crew.

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25. Love it or hate it, you have a strong and well-informed opinion on the I.B. system.

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26. The end of the school year was always bittersweet because so many people moved away.

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27. And, no matter how many you say, good-byes never get easier.

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28. But the constant flow of new friends more than made up for it.

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29. Now you feel incredibly lucky to have loved ones and memories scattered all over the globe.

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30. You know better than anyone else that “home” isn’t a place, it’s the people in it.

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31. And you can’t wait to see where your life adventure takes you next.

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