Yahoo Calls Christina Hendricks’ Curves "Imperfections"

Yahoo is currently featuring a story on their homepage of “celebrities who embrace their imperfections.” The piece includes Christina Hendricks, Chloe Sevigny, Pauley Perrette, and other “unconventional looking” actors.

2. For what it’s worth, the piece also threw other celebs under the bus. Here, they basically called Chloe Sevigny unattractive.

ID: 592770

3. So being pale makes you defective?

ID: 592772

4. ..and dying your hair/having tattoos/being an all-around badass does too, for that matter?

ID: 592773

5. Here they go attacking Eric Stonestreet’s size as well.

ID: 592775

6. So to recap, Yahoo thinks this is imperfect:

ID: 592787

7. And this:

ID: 592791

8. This too:

ID: 592792

9. Oh and don’t forget this:

ID: 592793

10. Oh, and this too:

ID: 592799

11. And now I just want to do this to everyone involved with that story:

ID: 592786

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