13 People Who Are Still Confused About The Fiscal Cliff

On the last day before the tax hikes and spending cuts are scheduled to take effect.

This economics teacher has no idea what the fiscal cliff really is..teacher of the year!

— Risforrunning (@Genna)

Am I the only one who doesn't know what this "fiscal cliff" thing is?...... #SoConfused

— hannahgareau (@Hannah Lynne)

I have no idea what the Fiscal Cliff is and it makes me feel ignorant.

— mortalitea (@Katrina.)

Exactly what is the fiscal cliff

— Nayte_sheisMe (@Gotta love Nayte)

I really hope I'm not the only person who doesn't understand what the fiscal cliff is...

— MJ_Furois (@Megan Jane Furois)

I have no clue what a Fiscal Cliff is but it sounds like an embarrassing medical diagnosis to me.

— RobinsonCarol (@carol robinson)

Im sorry if this sounds dumb, but what is this fiscal cliff everyone is talking about?

— mayaa64 (@Maya)

What the fuck is a fiscal cliff? #ThingsIShouldProbablyFindOutBefore2012IsOver

— benjamindc94 (@Officer Ben Dover)

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