24 People Who Are Angry At Obama For Interrupting "The Price Is Right"

During the Showcase Showdown, no less. Inopportune timing for the president’s news conference.

CBS, Monty Brinton, File / AP

What's with The price is right being preempted for an #Obama speech??

— countingkatie (@Kathy Peever)

President Obama doesn't realize that he needs to hold his press conference during the stupid soap operas, not during the Price is Right #ugh

— gyoung_money (@Griffin Young)

It's quite funny how Obama interrupts The Price is Right. He can't get the price right for this country at all. He loses.

— McMahon101 (@Alex Barie ®)

I missed the price is right because of Obama is rambling about this country needing to pay our bills. #lame

— mgreer209 (@Michael Greer)

Obama you made the biggest mistake of your life, you made me miss the price is right! I now have a new hatred for you

— Adummmbbb (@Adam Maszczenski)

you for real obama? i could give a shit about america i just wanna watch price is right!!!!

— theCawDawg (@cawless adams)

Obama interrupted the Price is Right to ramble about the fact we need to pay the debt our country owes off! Naw!! Ya think?!!!

— mnewton591 (@marissa newton)

Now I'll never know who won the Price Is Right showcase thanks a lot Obama

— OhFeek (@Fikki Sadykhov)

Oh HELL NO Obama did NOT just interrupt Price Is Right.

— Erhine1 (@Erik Rhine)

Yay obama! Way to ruin the price is right. Taking up good day time tv away with this "debt celling" talk. LAME!

— silkyjohnstin (@Nicholaus Boudloche)

Obama, ain't not way in hell you are more important than the price is right.

— HessTrucksHere7 (@Chelsea Hess)

the fact that obama is interrupting my daily viewing of the price is right is really putting a damper on my day #getoffmytv

— laur_henry (@Lauren Henry)

obama ruined the price is right this morning. what's next?

— askubik (@skoob)

Who the hell does Obama think he is cutting off the middle of Price is Right! #comeondown

— chazblack13 (@Chaz Black)

I love you Obama but come on. I need price is right in my life

— n_mccrory (@Nichole)

Obama is ruining The Price Is Right!

— jay_furr11 (@Jami Furr ⚓)

Trying to watch the price is right but I'm getting cock blocked by Barack Obama wtf is this shit.

— JosephD_93 (@Joe Dworek)

Hey Obama, I'm trying to watch the Price Is Right, get out of here >:(

— morgentown (@Nick Morgenweck)

Obama ruined my price is right time #RomneyIsStillNumber1

— Jockolate_chipz (@Dustin Jacque)

I didn't hear Obama's name be called down for The Price is Right #takethesecondshowcase

— quencox (@Quentin Cox)

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