24 People Who Are Angry At Obama For Interrupting "The Price Is Right"

During the Showcase Showdown, no less. Inopportune timing for the president’s news conference. posted on

CBS, Monty Brinton, File / AP

Obama just interrupted price is right!!! #wtf" target="_blank">">#wtf #neveragain" target="_blank">">#neveragain

Hey #Obama," target="_blank">">#Obama, your press conference is cutting into my price is right viewing!!! #comeonman" target="_blank">">#comeonman #mydayoff" target="_blank">">#mydayoff

Goddamn it, Obama. We were watching The Price is Right, you asshole!

What's with The price is right being preempted for an #Obama" target="_blank">">#Obama speech??

President Obama doesn't realize that he needs to hold his press conference during the stupid soap operas, not during the Price is Right #ugh" target="_blank">">#ugh

It's quite funny how Obama interrupts The Price is Right. He can't get the price right for this country at all. He loses.

I missed the price is right because of Obama is rambling about this country needing to pay our bills. #lame" target="_blank">">#lame

Obama you made the biggest mistake of your life, you made me miss the price is right! I now have a new hatred for you

you for real obama? i could give a shit about america i just wanna watch price is right!!!!

Obama interrupted the Price is Right to ramble about the fact we need to pay the debt our country owes off! Naw!! Ya think?!!!

Now I'll never know who won the Price Is Right showcase thanks a lot Obama

Yay obama! Way to ruin the price is right. Taking up good day time tv away with this "debt celling" talk. LAME!

Obama, ain't not way in hell you are more important than the price is right.

the fact that obama is interrupting my daily viewing of the price is right is really putting a damper on my day #getoffmytv" target="_blank">">#getoffmytv

Who the hell does Obama think he is cutting off the middle of Price is Right! #comeondown" target="_blank">">#comeondown

Trying to watch the price is right but I'm getting cock blocked by Barack Obama wtf is this shit.

Obama ruined my price is right time #RomneyIsStillNumber1" target="_blank">">#RomneyIsStillNumber1

I didn't hear Obama's name be called down for The Price is Right #takethesecondshowcase" target="_blank">">#takethesecondshowcase

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