44 Unique And Useful Websites That Will Change Your Life

The Internet is a vast and wonderful place. Chances are there’s a lot of it you still haven’t discovered. Just click on the photos to go to the sites.

1. Stolen Camera Finder - Use Photo EXIF Data to Find Your Stolen Camera

2. Type Like a TV Hacker

3. The World Data Counter - Ever Wonder Exactly How Big the Internet Is? Or How Much Data is being Transferred at any Time? This Website Will Help You.

The World Data Counter.

4. MSOutlookit - A Fake Web Browser for Work (In Case Your Boss Walks In)

5. - The Bedtime Calculator

6. The Pixar Theory Explained - Had Trouble Understanding the Written Version of the Pixar Theory? Here You Go.

7. Ninite - A List of Essential Software and Downloads

8. Flux - Changes Your Computer Screen with the Time of Day / Night for Less Strain on Your Eyes

9. RunPee - Find Out the Best Time During a Movie to Run and Pee

10. StudyBlue - Create Flash Cards to Study

11. The Original SpaceJam Website

12. Now I Know by Dan Lewis

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13. - Is the Website Down for Just You or Everyone?

14. EyeBleach - See Something Terrible on The Internet? Let a Sexy Man or Woman Wash Your Eyes

Guybleach is the site if you’re looking for some buff dudes to bleach your eyes.

15. BIGASSMESSAGE - Ensure Your Friends Get the Message

16. iRuler - The Internet Ruler

17. UnplugtheTV - Educate Yourself Without the Television

18. - For those Beginning Their Cooking Journey

19. ListentoYoutube - Converts Youtube Videos to MP3s for Download

20. ZocDoc - So You Can Find a Doctor and Fast

21. LibriVox - Free Public Domain Audio Books

22. What the Font - Discover What that Font Is

23. MIT Open Courses Online

24. - Incase You Update Your Software and It Sucks

25. SimplyNoise - Simply White Noise to Drown Out Everything Around

26. Rainymood - The Sound of Rain and Thunderstorms on your Computer

27. Spreeder - A Speed Reading “Coaching” Application

28. Scale of the Universe - Because It’s Just Amazing

29. Let Me Google that For You - For that Annoying Friend that Asks Stupid Questions Over the Internet

30. WHERETHEFUCKSHOULDIGOFORDRINKS - For Friends that Can’t Make Up Their Minds About Where to Go Out

31. DrunkRonSwanson - Because We All Need More Drunk Ron Swanson

32. Ted - A Learning Site Your Won’t Regret Wasting Your Time At

33. iDaft - Pretend You’re Daft Punk

34. OMFGDOGS! - The Mere Fact that this Exists is Amazing

35. Lizard Point - Brush Up on Your Geography

36. Do I Have A Dead Pixel - Test to See If You Suffer from a Dead Pixel

37. Readability - Makes Articles Easier to Read

38. CamelCamelCamel - Amazon Price Tracker

39. SAMUEL L. IPSUM - Samuel L. Jackson Text Generator and Placeholder

40. Death By Caffeine - How Many Energy Drinks Until You Die?

41. WHATTHEFUCKSHOULDIMAKEFORDINNER - Incase You Can’t Figure Out What to Make for Dinner

42. Garfield Minus Garfield - Just Amazing

43. Shit You CAN Afford - SkyMall for People on a Budget

44. Calculate How Many 5 Year Olds You Could Take on in a Fight

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