32 Things Every Gamer Should Know Before Playing “Grand Theft Auto 5”

GTA V is the biggest and most expensive video game produced to date. With such a large and fascinating world, here are some things you might want to know before you hop in and play.

1. There are sites to help you with your in-game stocks throughout the day.

This site gives real-time updates.

ID: 1741429

2. How to steal a fighter jet.

You can find the tutorial here.

ID: 1741832

4. All of the cheat codes have been found.

You can find them here.

ID: 1741310

5. Kenny Powers has a show on Blaine County Radio.

ID: 1741863

6. These are the rivals you should be aware of when investing.

ID: 1741853

7. This is what the actors for the three main characters look like.

ID: 1741276

8. You can go cow tipping.

ID: 1741281

9. Or do this with the cows…if that’s what you’re into.

ID: 1741365

10. Here’s the location of a boat with scuba gear on it.

ID: 1741517

11. Here’s the location of a helicopter with rockets.

ID: 1741643

12. The Bugatti Veryon can be found here.

ID: 1741662

13. This is the basic layout of the map.

ID: 1741290

14. The best sports cars can be found at this spot on the map.

ID: 1741329

15. The golfing is extremely realistic: in that it’s hard as crap.

ID: 1741337

16. The roller coaster design is rather…suggestive.

ID: 1741347

17. There’s a removable yoga ball in Michael’s living room.

ID: 1741368

18. You can tow a tow truck that’s towing a tow truck that’s towing a truck.

ID: 1741383

19. These and rumble strips are the most satisfying part of driving.

ID: 1741410

20. When compared to Liberty City, this game is huge.

ID: 1741481

21. This is the special edition map, with all of the UV light secrets added.

ID: 1741512

22. You can find paranormal events and see UFOs at these locations.

ID: 1741595

23. There’s a ghost on Mt. Gordo that appears from midnight to 1 a.m.

ID: 1741567

24. Tourists actually pull out the same maps as the game.

ID: 1741581

25. Taking care of Chop will become a hassle.

ID: 1741671

26. You will end up spending a lot of money “making it rain” at the strip club.

ID: 1741883

27. Revving engine next to sports car at a stop light will result in a street race.

ID: 1741899

28. If you survive a 5-Star police chase, your car will probably look like this.

ID: 1741910

29. You can place your Jet Ski in a pool.

ID: 1741917

30. Your car will get dirty if you drive it off-road.

ID: 1741928

31. The last vehicle you’ve driven gets parked outside your house.

ID: 1741929

32. You can use a truck to carry your bike.

ID: 1741957

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