28 Things People From Big Families Can Relate To

For everyone who had to fight for food throughout childhood, this one’s for you.

1. Fighting to get into the bathroom ahead of each other every morning…

ID: 1135084

2. …and the last one in got no hot water

ID: 1136321

3. The kids snuck into hotel rooms to save money and stayed verrrry quiet

ID: 1135137

4. Cereal. Big ass boxes of cereal.

ID: 1135145

5. While your friends went to Europe for the summer, you went to Grandma’s house. Again.

ID: 1135164

6. Everyone compared you to The Brady Bunch…or the Von Trapp Family Singers…or Eight is Enough.

ID: 1135175

7. Bunkbeds!

ID: 1135221

8. Annual family photo shoots were always awkward

ID: 1135422

9. Hand-me-down, hand-me-downs

ID: 1135430

10. Mismatched and missing socks were the norm

ID: 1135438

11. Pile-ons could break out at any moment

ID: 1135442

12. Birthdays and holidays were a wild affair

ID: 1135478

13. The family calendar looked like this

ID: 1135485

14. Occasionally, someone was left behind

ID: 1135489

15. Cramming into the station wagon

ID: 1135583

16. Dinner usually ended up like this

ID: 1135615

17. You could never have alone time, no matter where you hid

ID: 1135650

18. Fake IDs were passed down to future generations

ID: 1135677

19. This was your grocery store…

ID: 1135702

20. …and this was your ketchup

ID: 1135717

21. A fancy night out was always at a chain restaurant

ID: 1135997

22. Someone always took way too long to get ready

ID: 1136010

23. You babysat each other

ID: 1136015

24. You did a lot of this

ID: 1136063

25. Missing the bus happened daily

ID: 1136092

26. You are naturally louder than your friends

ID: 1136203

27. Everything your family did upset you…

ID: 1136211

28. …but you loved every minute of it!

ID: 1136219

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