The Ecstasy Of Creating Your Wish List With The 1991 Sears Catalog

Every fall, the most anticipated tome of the year would arrive on your doorstep. And it was glorious.

1. YESSSS! The catalog to end all catalogs has FINALLY arrived. Time to put together a holiday wish list.

ID: 1882980

2. Where to begin?

ID: 1886396

3. Gotta put this cool walkman on there.

ID: 1882475

4. Skateboards? Cowabunga!

ID: 1882523

5. And roller skates (in case Santa says the skateboard’s too dangerous).

ID: 1882528

6. Skip It! Always wanted one of those.

ID: 1882530

7. And Moon Shoes are “out-of-this-world”.

ID: 1882532

8. Too old for this?

ID: 1882513

9. Is this finally the year that this guy will be under the tree?

ID: 1882563

11. For the REALLY good girls and boys.

ID: 1882574

12. Wait, color?!

ID: 1882580

13. Backup plan.

ID: 1882831

15. No please.

ID: 1882662

16. How about some sweet board games?

ID: 1882605


ID: 1882809

18. New sleepover gear is a must.

ID: 1882859

21. These definitely won’t ever go out of style.

ID: 1882651

22. “I promise to be the best kid in the world all year long if you get me this!”

ID: 1882658

23. Since clothes are inevitable, might as well be COOL clothes. Starter hi-tops please!

ID: 1882675

27. Perhaps something with a touch of class.

ID: 1882687

29. So many turtlenecks to choose from!

ID: 1882878

31. Time to get started on forming that band.

ID: 1885479

33. This is clearly what REAL rappers use.

ID: 1882700

36. OH. MY. GOD.

ID: 1882737

37. Pow-Pow-Power Wheels!

ID: 1882758

38. (but sadly, Santa never brings one)

ID: 1882740

39. Time to fill this jammy out.

ID: 1882722

40. What’s the North Pole’s fax number?

ID: 1882727

41. And for Mom & Dad, this state-of-the-art camcorder will capture every last humiliating moment.

ID: 1882472

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