17 Things You’ve Grown To Hate

Everything was so magical when you were a child. When you were a child.

1. You used to jump in puddles…

ID: 1166534

…now puddles jump on you

ID: 1166576

2. The joys of autumn’s leaf piles…

ID: 1166365

…became the noise of autumn’s landscapers

ID: 1166440

3. Blowing dandelions in the wind…

ID: 1166159

…became endless weeding and back pain

ID: 1166248

4. Snow fell from the heavens…

ID: 1166279

…now you do

ID: 1166292

5. The infinite wonders of bologna…

ID: 1166305

…were replaced with fears about its infinite ingredients

ID: 1166320

6. Roller coasters, once such a thrill…

ID: 1169181

…now make you wish you’d never been born

ID: 1169203

7. You ran to dolls for comfort…

ID: 1166578

…now you run from them in fear

ID: 1166582

8. Swings provided tons of fun…

ID: 1166587

…but now cause tons of pain

ID: 1166557

9. Trains that once sparked your imagination…

ID: 1166628

…are now where dreams go to die

ID: 1166640

10. Saturday mornings were such a reward…

ID: 1166601

…but now…well, this

ID: 1166625

11. Roller skating with pals was the best…

ID: 1166690

…but doing it as a grown up just isn’t

ID: 1166699

12. When someone called you’d chat for hours…

ID: 1166724

…but now you’re annoyed if they call at all

ID: 1166732

13. As a child, you were fascinated by all types of bugs…

ID: 1166745

…but the slightest mention now causes this

ID: 1169351

14. Birthdays were a special day…

ID: 1166770

…and now you hope people forget

ID: 1166788

15. Toy stores were the most magical of places…ever…

ID: 1166844

…now this happens

ID: 1169307

16. You’d play in the mud without hesitating…

ID: 1166849

…but now get skeeved out by pretty much everything

ID: 1166920

17. But you always did hate clowns…

ID: 1169286

…and hate them even more now

ID: 1167057

Thankfully, some things never change

ID: 1166955

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