18 Stages Of Getting Addicted To A New TV Show

These are some shared feelings everybody has when you get addicted to a new TV show.

1. Ok, so everybody is talking about it. Maybe I should give it a try.

ID: 1982098

2. Download the first season.

ID: 1982104

3. Watch the first episode.

ID: 1982106

4. It seems nice.

ID: 1982108

5. Watch 5 more episodes.

ID: 1982110

6. It really is great!!

ID: 1982114

7. Watch it nonstop for days.

ID: 1982117

8. Download all seasons.

ID: 1982120


ID: 1982121

10. Suddenly you get to the latest episode.

ID: 1982122

11. And for now on you have to wait an entire week for the next one.

ID: 1982125

12. You feel anxiety

ID: 1982128

13. The season ends and you have to wait MONTHS for the next one.

ID: 1982131

14. The waiting..

ID: 1982136

15. MORE anxiety.

ID: 1982137

16. You feel empty.

ID: 1982142

17. Lonely.

ID: 1982143

18. But the next season starts and it’s all happiness again.

ID: 1982146

And that’s how you know you’re really addicted.

ID: 1982147

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