15 Lessons About Food That We Learned From Joey Tribbiani

We all know and love Joey, a simple-minded but good-natured womanizer who loves food. He particularly loves meatball sub sandwiches. Who doesn’t?

1. First of all, embrace your body.

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2. Never regret.

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3. Keep it all to yourself.

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4. Always be prepared

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5. Never waste any food.

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6. Milk is good for you, so drink lots of it.

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7. You have to be healthy sometimes.

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8. But never forget your REAL love

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9. Friends ordering pizza without you is a huge betrayal

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10. Everything about food can be sexy.

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11. Treat your food nicely

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12. It’s alright to be mad when you don’t have candy

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13. Breakfast can be inspiring

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14. Be proud of your family’s achievements

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15. Chopsticks are difficult

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Lesson learned! Now go on to the nearest restaurant and have a great time.

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