10 Reasons Why Women Everywhere Should Love Rob Delaney

That face. That speedo. Those tweets. We love Rob Delaney and you should, too!

1. Because he tweets things like this:

You tell ‘em!

ID: 1812261

2. Oh yeah…and this:

ID: 1898218

3. Because he is serious man candy.

And Salon agrees!

ID: 1812320

4. Even Margaret Atwood is smitten!

Seriously. She loves him. They have quite the twitter relationship.

ID: 1812482

5. Can you blame her?

Say no to this face. I dare you.

ID: 1812509

6. Because he said “Men in their 20s are the worst thing happening on our planet”

Don’t believe us? Read the interview here.

ID: 1812547

7. Because he wrote an essay defending a woman’s right to choose.

Thank yooooou, Rob. Read the essay here.

ID: 1812560

8. Because he always sees the good in people.

“My wife is a wonderful person, but if we’d planned a trip and my hand got ripped off by an escalator, she’d be like ‘Fuck you, put it in a bag and bring it.” She would be a terrible nurse, but a very good drill sergeant.”

Need more from Rob’s book?

ID: 1812569

9. And he’s a #1 Dad

ID: 1898230

10. Oh yeah…and he can speak to you en français, the language of love.

Bonjour. Je m’appelle Rob Delaney.

Oui, Rob, oui.

ID: 1812603

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