Plasticine Tatooine

Elliott Quince’s “Plasticine Tatooine” could be described as a sort of behind-the-scenes novelization — with putty-like pictures — that explains how bitter some of the more obscure “SW” people became after The Trilogy. I mean, if you were Bossk, wouldn’t you have wanted more screen time, too?

1. General Veers

ID: 6151

2. Bib Fortuna

ID: 6152

3. Nien Nunb

ID: 6153

4. Max Rebo

ID: 6154

5. 2-IB

ID: 6155

6. R5-D4

ID: 6156

7. Ponda Baba

ID: 6157

8. Lobot

ID: 6158

9. Ugnaught

ID: 6159

10. Jan Dodonna

ID: 6160

11. Jek Porkins

ID: 6161

12. Bossk

ID: 6162

13. Plasticine Tatooine- The Book

“Plasticine Tatooine is a 100% unofficial and completely made up collection of intergalactic nonsense featuring some of the more rubbish Star Wars characters sculpted lovingly from plasticine.” *** To Find Out More Or To Buy The Book- Go HERE

ID: 6163


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