These Are Some Of The Grossest School Lunches In The U.S.

You might never look at a cafeteria the same way.

1. While researching school dropout rates, Farah Sheikh got the idea for Fed Up, a blog showcasing school lunches. Nutrition “has a pretty big impact on student concentration and student performance in school,” she told NPR.

Revamped meals sometimes leave students hungry with their smaller portions — because of this, Sheikh emphasized that students have to be a part of the dialogue as school officials redo what is being served.

“We want to give decision-makers a sense of what it’s like to be a student who isn’t getting the energy they need from their school lunch,” she says.

Here are some of the most down-voted submissions from the 7,000 school lunches Sheikh has featured.

ID: 2023977

2. “Nachos.”

Quakertown Community Senior High School, Pennsylvania.

ID: 2023923

3. “Fish stick tacos.”

Biotechnology High School, New Jersey.

ID: 2023927

4. “Rubbery nuggets and burnt fries.”

Kenwood High School, Maryland.

ID: 2024599

5. “Barfaroni.”

Rensselaer Central High School, Indiana.

ID: 2024609

6. “Baked potato with cheese.”

Metrolina Christian Academy, North Carolina.

ID: 2024443

7. “Chicken burger.”

Southeast Career Technical Academy, Nevada.

ID: 2024444

8. “Meatless dog.”

Los Altos High, Hacienda Heights, California.

ID: 2024630

9. “Smothered double fiber with a side of trans fat.”

Thomas Jefferson High School, Texas.

ID: 2024531

10. “Chinese dine in.”

Woodville High School, Texas.

ID: 2024632

11. “Feeling Mexican???”

Burlington County Institute of Technology, New Jersey.

ID: 2024560

12. “Rotten gutsy nachos.”

South Gate Senior High School, California.

ID: 2024564

13. “The poor man’s pizza.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, New York.

ID: 2024561

14. “Carbs - (not so) delicious carbs.”

San Benito High School, Texas.

ID: 2024566

15. “Dorito don’t-eat-o taco salad.”

Barker Jr./Sr. High School, New York.

ID: 2024570

16. “When you find out what it is, let me know.”

Kirby High School, Tennessee.

ID: 2024574

17. “Gross and unknown.”

Reseda High School, California.

ID: 2024576

18. “French toast.”

Oxnard High School, California.

ID: 2024580

19. “Soup?”

Klein Oak High School, Texas.

ID: 2024596

20. ”???”

Benjamin Franklin High School, Pennsylvania.

ID: 2024583

21. “Bitz n pizzas.”

John A. Ferguson Senior High School, Florida.

ID: 2024636

22. “Russianing beef at school :( “

Center Point High School, Texas.

ID: 2024586

23. “Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, gravy and juice.”

McArthur High School, Florida.

ID: 2024590

24. “Poop taco.”

Turner Ashby High School, Virginia.

ID: 2024634

25. “Hot dog? Sandwich?”

Klein Oak High School, Texas.

ID: 2024594

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