The Honest Trailer For "Frozen" Is So Freaking Accurate

A feature-length music video for “Let It Go” pretty much sums it up.

ID: 2591552

2. From the studio that finally learned how to make Pixar movies…

ID: 2591543

3. …comes the feature-length music video for “Let It Go.”

ID: 2591541

4. Meet Elsa, a manic-depressive princess with a confusing set of powers, like snowblasting, dress-making, castle-building, and…creating life?

They kinda gloss over that one.

ID: 2591626

5. And who could forget the completely unnecessary, unexplained magical trolls?

ID: 2591675

6. Featuring unforgettable songs like…the romantic duet.

ID: 2591718

7. The other romantic duet.

ID: 2591739

8. The one you don’t know the words to.

ID: 2591745

9. And the YOLO song.

ID: 2591782

10. Starring…

ID: 2591800

11. Plus, of course:

ID: 2591802

h/t: Tastefully Offensive

ID: 2591806

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