Guys Are Decking Their Beards Out With Flowers And It’ll Probably Give You A Pinterestgasm

When Pinterest worlds collide.

1. The gods of Pinterest and all things trendy have teamed up to manifest the latest twee trend for this summer: flowerbeards.

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3. They’re pretty self-explanatory.

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5. And also weirdly beautiful — in an unabashedly hipster-y way.

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Marlee Meghan Banta / Via Flickr: marlee_is_awake
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7. The putting-things-in-beards trend was pioneered earlier this year by Pierre Thiot and his awesomely bizarre Will It Beard Tumblr project.

Thiot puts stuff like noodles, straws, and Legos in his beard to see if they’ll stick.

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9. But it appears that his flowerbeard picture was the inspiration for many hairy copycats around the world.

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ID: 3341171

11. From epically long ZZ Top beards…

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ID: 3341200

13. To bitty beards-in-training.

ID: 3386337
ID: 3341198

15. Famous (likely photoshopped) beards…

ID: 3386382
ID: 3386377

17. And plenty of smoking-hot hair-covered faces in between.

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ID: 3341176

19. Sometimes just a few flowers will do the trick to liven up a bare beard.

ID: 3386347
ID: 3341177

21. And sometimes the beard will just call for a whole bouquet.

ID: 3386349
ID: 3341178

23. It’s probably good to let the beard feel out the situation.

ID: 3386352
ID: 3341148

25. Get comfortable.

ID: 3386360
ID: 3386359

27. Settle in to their new whimsically floral lifestyle.

ID: 3386364
ID: 3386365

29. And get ready for lots of female attention.

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ID: 3386369

31. Because your face looks like a straight-up Pinterest board.

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ID: 3341172

33. Bless the internet, and beards everywhere.

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