These Guys Pranked Their Roommate By Filling His Room With Balloons And His Reaction Is Adorable


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2. As a prank on their roommate who left for a month, Brits Jamie Muscato and Joe Mott decided to put a bunch of balloons in his empty room.

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4. By a bunch, I mean they put in balloons until they reached the ceiling.

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6. 2,269 balloons, according to their Reddit post.

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7. When their roommate, Richard Southgate, got home, it’s safe to say he was pretty shocked.

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9. This is the face of a successful prank.

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10. And though he was a little bit in disbelief…

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11. He eventually dove right in.

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12. And actually seemed to love it!

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13. Then the roommates made these to destroy them all.

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14. Awesome job, guys.

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