25 Ugly Foods That Are Beautiful On The Inside

They’re fugly, they’re fierce, and they’re fine eatin’. So back off, haters.

1. Meatloaf may be homely, but it has a big heart.

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2. Celery root has a lot going on behind those weird hairy squiggles.

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3. You say “creepy”; figs say “unusual.”

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4. “I am a strong, independent, beautiful chili cheese dog. I am a strong, independent…”

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5. There’s more to morels than what you see.

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6. Ugly-chic is hot right now, and olive tapenade knows it.

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7. Listen, oatmeal has a great personality.

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8. Say what you want, but you can’t afford these truffles.

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9. Tapioca has more important things to do than look in the mirror.

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10. Liver is, uh…yeah, it’s liver.

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11. Buddha’s hand has a rich inner life.

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12. What chili lacks in looks, it makes up for in attitude.

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13. Ginger doesn’t want your pity.

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14. Okra knows it’s fabulous.

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15. Prunes may have lost their youthful beauty, but they’re still just as sweet.

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16. If you don’t have anything nice to say about split pea soup, don’t say anything at all.

ID: 893863

17. Cottage cheese believes in itself.

ID: 893556

18. You might mean “plain” as an insult, but tofu doesn’t take it that way.

ID: 893413

19. Tuna salad is comfortable in its own skin.

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20. Lentils don’t get hung up on appearances.

ID: 893937

21. Jerusalem artichokes have plenty of friends, OK?

ID: 893206

22. Eggs Benedict really never asked if you think they’re cute.

ID: 894050

23. Seitan doesn’t care about conforming to your standard of beauty.

ID: 893949

24. Guacamole may not be gorgeous, but it gets invited to all the hippest parties.

ID: 894060

25. Chocolate fro yo gets the joke. It’s not an idiot. It’s just a little more mature than you are.

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