How To Not Starve During A Hurricane

No power, no plumbing, no problems!

1. Check Nutella levels.

If you’ve got at least half a jar, you’ll be fine.

2. Stockpile rice.

Perfect for sandbagging or a crunchy snack.

3. Consume all raw onions on hand.

They’ll make you brave.

4. Waterproof valuable snacks.

Use a cookie jar you trust.

5. Build a flood wall out of canned goods.

No way you’re actually going to eat these.

6. Fill up your bathtub.

Water is boring. Beer is better.

7. Take inventory of freezer.

I kinda want the power to go out just so I can eat nothing but thawed ribs and damp waffles.

— drewmagary (@Drew Magary)

8. Ignore all the gross stuff in your fridge.

Don’t waste your final hours eating vegetables.

9. Curl up with something delicious and wait for the end to come.

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