19 Easy And Adorable Animal Snacks To Make With Kids

Babysitters and parental units, meet your new secret snack weapon.

1. Turn a banana into a pretzel-legged caterpillar.

Use peanut butter to stick banana slices together, then add pretzel stick legs. Hello, friend!

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2. Cauliflower + olives = sheep.

Just hangin’ on on the ranch. Get it!?

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3. Apple + grapes cut in half = octopus.

Or, if you run out of grapes, septopus. In other news: Don’t you sometimes wish your teeth were actually chocolate chips?

ID: 1926823

4. Or a sweet turtle.

The details.

ID: 1927029

5. Hot dogs also make excellent octopi.

Here’s how.

ID: 1926949

6. Eggs make great chicks.

Use carrots for the beak and sprinkles for the eyes.

ID: 1928416

7. Clementines were basically born to be snails.


ID: 1927122

8. A banana and a peanut butter sandwich will get the job done, too.

ID: 1928440

9. All a strawberry needs to be a mouse is a string cheese tail and almond ears.

A little Triscuit bed doesn’t hurt, either. Deets here.

ID: 1927358

10. Pears are also mice waiting to happen.

Instructions here.

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11. Teddy bear s’mores are almost too cute to eat.

Not quite. Here’s how to make them.

ID: 1927615

12. Same goes for teddy bear toast.

Toast it, butter it, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, add banana slices and raisins. Smile!

ID: 1927752

13. Use clothespins to turn snack bags into butterflies.

You’ll need pipe cleaners for the antennae. Instructions here.

ID: 1926292

14. Add almond feathers to Babybel cheese and…you’ve got turkey!

Info here.

ID: 1926795

15. It just takes a knife to make this happy fruit peacock.

More like a PEARcock, am I right?


Here’s all the info.

ID: 1928268

16. Or orange fish with blueberry bubbles.

Blub blub blub.

ID: 1928328

17. Hey, pear bear.

Here’s how he got so cute.

ID: 1928367

18. How’s it going, grapefruit owl?

Banana eyes! Clementine wings! He’s got it all.

ID: 1928380

19. Looking good there, waffle beaver.

Oh, Canada. Here’s how to make it.

ID: 1928396

Thanks to Canadian Family columnist Jill Dubien for lots of these cute ideas.

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