30 Adorable Treats To Make When It Snows

It’s not like you’ll have something better to do than bake a pizza shaped like a snowman.

1. Make a pizza snowman with olive slices and an arugula scarf.

Bacon is also a scarf option. Just saying. Get the recipe here.

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2. Make ice cream out of snow!

QUICK, run outside while it’s still fresh and clean and pretty. All you need is condensed milk and vanilla. Recipe here.

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3. Turn Nutter Butters into cute peanutty snowmen.

You’ll need white chocolate candy melts, tiny candies or sprinkles, and fruit roll-ups (for the scarf!). Instructions here.

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4. Make snowman snowball cookies.

DOUBLE snow whammy. The faces are done with mini chocolate chips and orange sprinkles. Recipe here.

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5. Make these rice crispy snowballs with secret marshmallows inside.

Recipe here.

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6. Use special cookie cutters to make cookie snowflakes.

Get the recipe for these iced spice cookies here.

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7. Or delightful snowflake marshmallows for your cocoa.

Get the recipe for DIY ‘mallows here.

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8. Chocolate snowflake cookies are also an option.

Brown snowflakes not found in nature? Don’t even worry about it! Recipe here.

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9. Or stick with a basic cookie shape and get fancy with the icing.

Gingerbread recipe here.

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10. You can also use a stencil and powdered sugar to make snowflakes on any dark cookie.

Buy stencil patterns at a craft store or cut out your own.

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11. Add a carrot nose and chocolate eyes to ice creams scoops to make these snowman sundae shots.

Look at that face! Almost too darling to eat, but not quite. Instructions here.

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12. Roll scoops of ice cream in coconut to make snowball sundaes.

If rocky road is more your jam, use chocolate, nuts, and marshmallow bits instead.

ID: 872180

13. Make Oreo truffle snowballs and stack them into snowmen.

Very easy: Oreos + cream cheese + white chocolate + bling. Recipe here.

ID: 872257

14. These snowman macarons aren’t the simplest, but…

…sweet blizzard Nemo, are they cute. Recipe here.

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15. They can even stand guard on top of a cake!

HOW CAN A COOKIE BE SO CUTE. Get this red velvet cake recipe here.

ID: 872558

16. Make coconut snowball cookies.

When you’re really tired of being snowed-in, you can start throwing them at people! Recipe here.

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17. Build candy snowmen with pretzel rings.

With the teeny fruit roll-up scarves! Here’s how.

ID: 872500

18. Brighten things up with classic lemon snowball cookies.

Get the recipe here.

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19. Why have regular meatloaf and potatoes when you could eat a snowman for dinner?

Recipe and instructions here — this blogger used a vegan beet burger for the “meat” muffins, but a carnivorous version would be good too.

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20. Dip peppermint meringues in chocolate to make snowy mountain peaks.

Anyone feel like skiing? Recipe here.

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21. Here’s a real CONCEPT for you: piña colada snowman jello shot pops.

Recipe here.

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22. DIY some Hostess Sno-Balls.

More important now than ever. RIP, Hostess. Get the recipe here.

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23. There’s no snow day breakfast like a snowman pancake.

This guy’s face and buttons are chocolate-covered sunflowers. The scarf is, needless to say, BACON.

ID: 872634

24. Stack iced cookies to make 3-D snowmen.

You can paint on the dainty little faces with a small brush and food coloring.

ID: 872681

25. Pipe meringue into snowflakes.

Recipe here.

ID: 872376

26. Cupcake + marshmallows = snowman cupcake.

Instructions here.

ID: 872693

27. Make little chocolate trees and plant them in snowy cupcakes.

Instructions here.

ID: 872732

28. Make melting snowmen with white Airheads candy.

Hahahahaha. Instructions here.

ID: 872764

29. Sprinkle coconut flakes on cupcakes to make a snow flurry.

Recipe here.

ID: 872942

30. Scoop up a snowman ice cream cone.

“HELLO, LET ME EMBRACE YOU WITH MY TINY PRETZEL ARMS.” Make the face and buttons with mini chocolate chips and sprinkles.

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