27 Foods That Secretly Want To Be Creamsicles

Bow down.

1. Creamsicle Pie

Lauren Weisenthal /

Get the recipe.

ID: 2793438

2. Boozy Orange Creamsicle Float

Rosco Weber /

YO, LISTEN UP: Aperol + ice cream + Fanta = the stuff of my (and your, and everyone’s) dreams are made of. Get the recipe.

ID: 2793095

3. Orange Creamsicle White Chocolate Chip Softbatch Cookies

Averie Sunshine /

Hello up there! Get the recipe.

ID: 2791951

4. Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake

Steven Dunn /

Get the recipe.

ID: 2792681

5. Homemade Creamsicles

The whipped-cream base is key. Get the recipe.

ID: 2793523

6. Vanilla-Orange Dreamsicle Panna Cotta

Sarah Fioritto /

Panna cotta is a simple, sophisticated member of the pudding family that’s thickened with gelatin. This version comes with a delicious layer of orange curd on top. Get the recipe.

ID: 2793571

7. Creamsicle Cake

Between the filling, the frosting, and the cake itself this is definitely a labor-of-love-type dessert, but worth making for any citrus fiends you know. Get the recipe.

ID: 2792572

8. Creamsicle Mimosas

Jessica Merchant /

One of the very few socially acceptable uses for marshmallow-flavored vodka. Get the recipe.

Bonus booze ideas: 13 Creamsicle Cocktails That Aren’t Totally Stupid

ID: 2793487

9. Creamsicle Rice Krispie Treats

Admittedly, this situation calls for a specific flavor of Duncan Hines frosting. But sometimes that’s OK. Get the recipe.

ID: 2792605

10. Blood Orange Ice Cream

Molly Reilly /

WITH (sorry, burying the lede here) boozy homemade hot fudge sauce. Get the recipe.

ID: 2792665

11. Orange Creamsicle Buddies

Jaclyn Bell /

Puppy chow for puppies who like oranges. Get the recipe.

ID: 2792963

12. Creamsicle Cupcakes

Really hard to say whether the best part is the orange cream cheese frosting OR the marshmallow fluff filling. That’s a choice you’re going to have to make yourself. Get the recipe.

ID: 2792668

13. Orange & Ginger Creamsicle Smoothie

Gina Biancaniello /

Did somebody say “liquid creamsicle for breakfast”? Get the recipe.

ID: 2792781

14. Orange & Cream Whoopie Pies

Get the recipe.

ID: 2792893

15. Orange Meringue Swirls

A very Martha kind of thing: Paint orange food coloring onto the inside of a piping bag and you get lovely swirled meringues. Get the recipe.

ID: 2792909

16. Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream

Rachel Currier /

Sprinkles mandatory. Get the recipe.

ID: 2792586

17. Orange Creamsicle Dessert Bars

Does it involve both Jell-O and Cool Whip? Yes. Is that a problem? Not really. Get the recipe.

ID: 2792913

18. Orange Creamsicle Truffles

Get the recipe.

ID: 2792932

19. Orange Creamsicle Buttermilk Sorbet

Get the recipe.

ID: 2792945

20. Vegan Orange Creamsicle Milkshake

Get the recipe.

ID: 2792671

21. Orange Creamsicle Popcorn

Jaclyn Bell /

A sticky finger advisory has been issued for this snack. Get the recipe.

ID: 2793055

22. Chocolate Orange Creamsicle Cookies

A crunchy little brownie with a creamsicle in its heart. Get the recipe.

ID: 2793071

23. Creamsicle Pudding

Get the recipe.

ID: 2793413

24. Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes in a Jar

Like everything else, these taste cuter in a jar. Get the recipe.

ID: 2793316

25. Creamy Orange Pops

Dead simple (not much more than orange juice and yogurt) and healthy enough to dispense freely to children. Get the recipe.

ID: 2793463

26. Creamsicle Milkshake

Christianne Winthrop /

Orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream make a milkshake dream team. Get the recipe.

ID: 2793444

27. Vanilla Pancakes with Creamy Orange Drizzle

Heather Disarro /

Get the recipe.

ID: 2793520

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