17 BBQ Heroes Who Changed Grilling Forever

Their methods? Unorthodox. Their results? Truly inspirational.

1. The person who made this dream a reality:

“I’ll take 300 rolls of duct tape, please!”

ID: 3542968

2. This person who found a great alternative to lighter fluid:

More like HOTcho cheese, am I right.

ID: 3543571

3. Whoever looked at an empty keg and a shopping cart and saw the seeds of something beautiful.

ID: 3482798

4. This guy:

As long as you cleaned it out, buddy.

ID: 3543458

5. Whoever had the presence of mind to do this:


ID: 3483097

6. This genius:

ID: 3483328

7. This man taking full advantage of his public park:

Puddle? What puddle?

ID: 3498795

8. This tech-savvy up-cycler:

Throw another shrimp on the PC!

ID: 3543508

9. This proud ladder owner:

Where you see a common household tool, they see an opportunity.

ID: 3543557

10. This person who kept the spirit of grilling alive, even when the going got rough:

A nonfunctional grill is no excuse not to grill.

ID: 3483107

11. The inventor of this tiny beer can grill:

You can see how it’s made here.

ID: 3483976

12. These enterprising young gentlemen:

ID: 3498767

13. This person who found a great new use for a dish rack:

Doesn’t really explain the can of beans, though.

ID: 3543580

14. These bros:

Reeeeeally hope they’ve got a drip pan under that.

ID: 3498872

15. Whoever made this work:

Listen, you use what God gave you.

ID: 3543560

16. Whoever rigged this up:

ID: 3543477

17. Me, maybe.

Straight outta Dunkin’.

ID: 3525344

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