38 Grilling Recipes That Will Make You Want To Be Vegetarian

Hot dogs, schmot dogs. Prepare to fend off jealous carnivores trying to get in on this delicious veggie grilling action.

1. Grilled Eggplant and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich with Halloumi

It’s high time you were acquainted with halloumi, a delightfully firm Greek cheese that’s perfect for grilling. Recipe here.

ID: 1197056

2. Grilled Tofu Tacos with Avocado Crema

Recipe here.

ID: 1193228

3. Grilled Eggplant With Herbed Quinoa

All in favor of “herb” as a verb, say aye. (AYE.) Recipe here.

ID: 1193352

4. Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

Recipe here.

ID: 1193322

5. Farro with Grilled Endive

Enn-dive? On-deev? Who cares, let’s eat. Recipe here.

ID: 1201856

6. Grilled Corn, Mushroom And Poblano Tacos

This recipe gives instructions for charring peppers in the oven, but if you have the grill heated up for the corn you could just cook them that way, too.

ID: 1194073

7. Seitan Negimaki

Little bundles of vegan joy! Those are scallions in the middle. Recipe here.

ID: 1194198

8. Grilled Herb Garden Pizza

Try whatever fresh herbs you have on hand (thyme, sage, basil and parsley used in this recipe).

ID: 1193296

9. Spring Vegetable Tacos with Cauliflower Tortillas

These nifty tortillas made out of cauliflower are great if you eat gluten-free, but feel free to sub with the regular kind. Recipe here.

ID: 1194192

10. Portobello and Peach Burgers

Juicy. Recipe here.

ID: 1193097

11. Cilantro-Lime Marinated Veggie Kabobs With Barley Kale Salad

Recipe here.

ID: 1202018

12. Grilled Cabbage Wedges with Spicy Lime Dressing

If you’re all slawed out, cabbage is also a great, sturdy grilling vegetable. Recipe here.

ID: 1194275

13. Curry Tofu Tacos with Pinto Beans and Kale Slaw

Recipe here.

ID: 1194255

14. Grilled Asparagus With Cilantro Pepita Pesto

Don’t let asparagus fool you into thinkin it’s fancy and delicate; getting a little roughed up on the grill does it good. Recipe here.

ID: 1193360

15. Grilled Peach Salad with Mint Pesto

Recipe here.

ID: 1193286

16. Grilled Zucchini Stacks With Mozzarella, Goat Cheese and Balsamic Drizzle

Perfect little party poppers. Recipe here.

ID: 1194297

17. Grilled Potato Salad

Recipe here.

ID: 1193324

18. Grilled Halloumi with Watermelon and Basil-Mint Oil

Halloumi strikes again! Recipe here.

ID: 1197045

19. Balsamic Grilled Vegetables

Recipe here.

ID: 1197290

20. Grilled Flatbreads With Creamy Red Pepper Scallion Spread

A personal pizza that will please any vegan. Recipe here.

ID: 1194251

21. Grilled Spring Onions with Romesco Sauce

Recipe here.

ID: 1197325

22. Grilled Corn and Cheddar Quinoa

Grilling the corn isn’t strictly necessary, but it adds a nice smoky edge. Recipe here.

ID: 1197817

23. Grilled Vegetable Salad

I spy zucchini, squash, asparagus, corn, and tomatoes, but you could mix this up with any of your favorite vegetable friends. Recipe here.

ID: 1197966

24. Grilled Corn And Tomato Fettucine

Recipe here.

ID: 1194096

25. Grilled Kale Salad with Ricotta and Plums

GRILLED. KALE. That’s right. Deal with it. Recipe here

ID: 1201616

26. Grilled Eggplant, Halloumi and Pesto Burgers

Recipe here.

ID: 1201644

27. Grilled Vegetable, Bean and Wheat Berry Salad

Makes an awesome one-bowl meal or a great dish to bring to a barbecue. Recipe here.

ID: 1201654

28. Grilled Beet and Hummus Stuffed Pita

Recipe here.

ID: 1201916

29. Involtini de Melanzane (Eggplant Rolls)

You could do the eggplant in the oven, too. Recipe here.

ID: 1193115

30. Tandoori Grilled Broccoli and Cauliflower Kebabs

Cauliflower is a secret powerhouse on the grill. Recipe here.

ID: 1201709

31. Sweet Chili Eggplant and Arugula Salad

Recipe here.

ID: 1201900

32. Summer Squash Tacos with Avocado Chimichurri Sauce

Recipe here.

ID: 1201732

33. Grilled Fennel and Quinoa Salad

Recipe here.

ID: 1201873

34. Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cherry Salsa

Sweet potatoes deserve to stay on the table all summer long. Recipe here.

ID: 1201853

35. Grilled Asparagus and Chili Orange Quinoa Spring Rolls

Recipe here.

ID: 1201909

36. Grilled Cumin-Lime Zucchini Quesadillas

Double grill action: first the zucchini, then the whole shebang. Recipe here.

ID: 1201910

37. Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Did you even KNOW these could exist! Recipe here.

ID: 1203046

38. Perfect Vegan Veggie Burger

These vegan, grain and seed-filled burgers avoid the mushy-middle problem that bogs down so many veggie burgers. Make sure to bake the patties in the oven for 15 minutes before grilling so that they don’t fall apart.

ID: 1201664

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