No One Actually Knows What Kale Is

Y’all need to educate yourselves.

For a while, it seemed that kale’s meteoric rise to cruciferous stardom was unstoppable.

That all came crashing down a few days ago, when The New York Times broke news that French people don’t know or care about kale.

…and told us about the world’s first international kalevangelist.

At the same time, a Burger King executive (explaining the launch of BK’s new, less-fatty french fries) launched a full-out assault on kale’s reputation.

Fries: Burger King / Kale: Shutterstock

In his words:

“You live in Manhattan and might be having a kale smoothie on your way to work this morning,” said Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer for Burger King, the nation’s No. 3 hamburger chain after McDonald’s and Wendy’s. “But a lot of people don’t even know what kale is, and if they do, they don’t want to eat it. You have to give people what they want.”

Could this be? Are french fries actually the Great American Vegetable? Is the vast majority of this nation living a contentedly kaleless life? It’s a terrifying thought, but…it might be true.

BuzzFeed carried out an investigation (by looking at Twitter) and these are the results of our highly scientific study:

1. No, people don’t know what kale is.

2. Citizens are bewildered by kale’s sudden ubiquity.

3. Many feel that kale, whatever it is, fuels class tension.

4. In summary, Josh Groban may love kale…

5. And even when they find out, they probably aren’t going to be happy about it.

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