13 Amazing Cakes Made With Leftover Halloween Candy

If “leftover candy” is a foreign concept to you, just buy more.

1. Kit Kat + M&M’s Cake

Could you make a chocolate cake instead and put Reese’s Pieces on top!? Sure, GO CRAZY. Get the recipe.

ID: 656003

2. Chocolate Malt Balls Cake

A Whopper’s dream home. Get the recipe.

ID: 656029

3. Smarties + SweeTarts + Pixie Sticks Cake

The thing about pixie sticks is that they are basically cocaine for children. Get the recipe.

ID: 656051

4. Snickers Icebox Cake

This is actually made of pudding and caramel and chocolate and requires no baking. Arguably better than cake. Get the recipe.

ID: 656098

5. Skittles + Nerds Cake

NERDS. Get the recipe.

ID: 656153

6. Peanut Butter Cup Cake

For classy types. Get the recipe.

ID: 656176

7. Starburst Cake

Watch out for the ~ secret ~ raspberry filling. Get the recipe.

ID: 656186

8. Hershey Kiss + Twix + Kit Kat Cake

Step 1: ID everything in your trick-or-treat pillowcase that involves chocolate. Step 2: Put it on top of this cake. Get the recipe.

ID: 656197

9. M&M (Wedding) Cake

Normal, non-pastel M&M’s would look snazzy, too. Get the recipe.

ID: 656202

10. Peppermint Pattie Cake

Minty fresh. Get the recipe.

ID: 656229

11. Twix Cake

Full disclosure: actual Twix candies are optional in this recipe. Still awesome. Get the recipe.

ID: 656236

12. Mounds Bar Cake

Betty Crocker suggests that make your own “Chocolate-Coconut Candy Bars” but that sure seems like overachieving when Mounds will just…do it for you. Get the recipe.

ID: 656250

13. Just Throw Every Other Kind of Candy You Have In It Cake

Problem solved. Get the recipe.

ID: 656254

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