13 Adorable Sweaters For Your Favorite Foods

Bananas taste better cuddled up in knitwear.

1. Apples

Meta. For sale on Etsy.

ID: 647624

2. Cookies

Every cookie dreams of wearing its own individual sweater. Crochet pattern for sale here.

ID: 647744

3. Bananas

They’ll be cozier with buttons.

ID: 647643

4. Frappucinos

Optimized for venti. For sale on Etsy.

ID: 647765

5. Pumpkins

For chilly nights out on the patch. Knitting pattern here.

ID: 647672

6. Biscuits

So cozy together. Pattern for sale on Etsy.

ID: 647869

7. Beer

Keep those cold ones even colder. Pattern here.

ID: 648303

8. Pears

With adjustable ties for plus-size pears! Crochet pattern here.

ID: 647756

9. Fla-Vor-Ice

Never again suffer from popsicle frostbite. Pattern for sale here.

ID: 648159

10. Tomatoes

Go with an elegant rolled collar.

ID: 647819

11. Coffee

For sale on Etsy: “Forget those nasty standard paper sleeves.”

ID: 648251

12. Eggs

Knit caps are back. For sale on Etsy.

ID: 648198

13. Ice Cream

Protect your pint-for-one from the shame of it all. Pattern here.

ID: 648169

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