Why Tatiana Maslany Should Be On Your Radar

The star of Orphan Black already has Emmy buzz after a 10 episode season.

1. This is Tatiana Maslany:

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2. She’s the star of the BBC America show (or for Canadian viewers, Space), Orphan Black, where she plays Sarah:

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14. And who knows what other characters she’ll play next season!

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15. This is Tatiana Maslany hugging Tatiana Maslany:

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17. These are all Tatiana Maslany:

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18. She actually just won an award for her many roles.

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19. And she was super adorable when she won the award.

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20. See! So cute!

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
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21. She is super thankful for her fans, a.k.a the clone club.

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23. There’s already buzz about her being nominated for an Emmy.

Via BBC America
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24. They could literally make an entire movie with just Tatiana Maslany.

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25. So if you’re not already watching Orphan Black, fix that.

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