The 27 Stages Of Getting Addicted To A Television Show

You laugh, you cry and you get attached to fictional characters. Getting into a new TV show is a crazy ride.

1. Your friends beg you to watch a show.

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2. It’s on Netflix, so you’re like, “sure, why not?”

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3. You start the first episode. Everything is great.

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4. Five hours have somehow gone by and you decide it is time to go to bed.

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5. But after one more episode. You’ve earned it.

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6. You’re at work, but all you want to do is go home and watch the show. Why is life a thing?

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7. You start to get emotionally attached to your favorite character.

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8. Then you start shipping.

ED. NOTE FOR NORMAL HUMANS: “Ship” is short for “relationship,” then used as a verb to indicate your desire that two characters become romantically involved. Used in a sentence: “I ship Nick and Jess from New Girl so hard” or “I’m shipping the holy heck out of Sherlock and Watson.”

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9. Ship all the things!

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10. Your OTP finally kisses.

ANOTHER ED. NOTE FOR NORMAL HUMANS: “OTP” is an acronym for “One True Pairing,” meaning the two characters you “ship” the most.

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LAST ED. NOTE FOR NORMAL PEOPLE: “Feels” are “feelings.” This GIF represents you becoming overwhelmed by feelings when your One True Pairing finally consummates.

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11. Suddenly, some new character has rolled into town that you don’t like.

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12. You now realize you haven’t left your room in two days.

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13. You’re fighting with people on the internet about your show.

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14. You wonder why this fandom sucks so hard.

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15. Your friends are getting worried. You tell them you’re OK.

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16. But you’re not OK, because you’ve almost finished the show.

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17. If you’re lucky, your show is still on the air and you get more episodes.

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18. But now you have to wait a week between episodes.

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19. If you’re not lucky, the show doesn’t exist anymore.

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20. That’s how it ends? THAT’S HOW IT ENDS?!

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21. It’s just…over.

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22. No more OTP kisses.

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23. No more ANYTHING.

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24. When you finally emerge from your room, you don’t know how to function any longer.

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25. It’s just a TV show, they say.

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26. But you know it’s more than that.

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27. Time to pick a new show and start all over again.

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