7 Epic Winter Weather Experiments To Spice Up Your Snow Day

When Netflix or your classic snowman just isn’t cutting it, try these winter science experiments to make a much more thrilling snow day.

1. So it’s January.

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Aka the middle of winter.

2. Which means snow, Snow, SNOW.

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3. And record breaking temperatures.

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Enough to cancel schools and businesses across the nation…crazy.

4. And the combination just so happens to result in the best news ever…SNOW DAY!

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School is cancelled? Business office can’t open? I have to stay home now?! TIME TO CELEBRATE!!

5. This polar vortex has brought some crazy weather…

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Blizzard apocalypse? -11 degrees out?! Whaaat is this blasphemy.

6. And don’t even get me started about the wind chill factor.

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Wind chills across the states have been 40 below and colder.

7. But who cares because you have the warmest coat out there.

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Break it down now.

8. So why not go play outside for a bit?

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Who doesn’t love a good frolicking in the snow?

9. Relive your childhood a little and make that snowman.

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Frosty was such a G.

10. Or how ‘bout some snow angels?

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I always did get snow down my back, though.

11. Maybe you’ll grab a friend and go sledding.

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This was always my favorite. Just living for the thrill, ya know?

12. And you’ve always wondered what it was like to jump on your frozen trampoline…

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Well, if I had one, maybe the the thought would have crossed my mind.

13. But after awhile, there’s only so many snow activities you can come up with.

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Makes me immediately regret these snow day impulses…

14. So here’s my list of “Winter Weather Experiments” to make your snow day just that much better.

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15. 1. The Frozen Bubble Experiment

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What do you get when you blow bubbles in cold weather conditions? Frozen bubbles that roll across the ground!

16. 2. The Super Soaker Experiment

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Boiling water turns instantly into ice mist when it’s squirted from a Super Soaker in freezing temperatures.

17. 3. The Frozen Towel-Sled Experiment

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Don’t have a sled of your own? No worries, if you have a towel, you can make a sled.

18. 4. The Insta-Slurpee Experiment

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What’s happening here? The soda has been cooled below its freezing temperature and there are no “imperfections” to kick off the formation of ice crystals. Opening the bottle unleashes a chain reaction, which leads to an “instant slurpee.” SCIENCE.

19. 5. The Snowman Piñata Experiment

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I don’t believe you technically need the freezing temperatures to make this, but it’s still a fun winter activity!

20. 6. The Maple Syrup Taffy Experiment

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You can pull it directly from the snow and eat it where you stand or you can take wooden kabob skewers and roll the syrup taffy around one end to make maple syrup taffy lollipops! Omnomnommm.

21. 7. The Shatter Shirt Experiment

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I mean, why not freeze random stuff and shatter it against a wall?

22. So there you have it!

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Try some of these out on your next snow day when Netflix just isn’t cutting it.

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