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  • Damien Hirst, Gazillionaire

    The larger-than-life British artist made headlines (yet again) this week with a record-breaking auction. By cutting out the middleman (aka his art dealer) and taking his work—cows and sharks in formaldehyde, mostly—directly to Sotheby’s, the guy made $200.7 million in two days, breaking Picasso’s sale record from 1993. Putting animals in goo pays! Read More ›

    Rach 5 years ago 2 responses

  • John Patrick Amedori

    OMFG. EW reports that the actor will star in an upcoming run of Gossip Girl episodes as Aaron Rose, Serena’s new, boho love interest. The dude (weirdly already a regular on teen heartthrob websites) has a background in skateboarding and playing the acoustic guitar…so like, typecasting, right? Read More ›

    Rach 5 years ago 1 response

  • Farragut North

    Beau Willimon’s new play is making waves as both an off-Broadway debut and an upcoming film. The stage show (about a political press secretary) opens in New York in October with a cast that includes Chris Noth, Olivia Thirlby, and Isaiah Whitlock Jr. (aka that guy from The Wire). George Clooney is attached to direct the Hollywood version. We repeat: Beau Willimon. Get to know the name, the kid is going places! Read More ›

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  • Maghound Finally Launches

    The “Netflix for magazines” from Time Inc. is in beta at long last… And it isn’t half bad! There are 240 titles, and for only $5/month, you can get three magazines you wouldn’t normally buy on the newsstand or subscribe to full price (here’s looking at you, Martha Stewart Living/Best Life!) delivered to your doorstep. Until this thing (inevitably) goes out of business, it’s pretty fun to try out. Read More ›

    Rach 5 years ago 1 response

  • Emus in jail!

    Plop-plop the Emu was arrested this week in Panama City, Fla for chasing cars and general pecking. She didn’t “go down easy” according to cops. She can’t make bail until Monday. Read More ›

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  • Emma Stone

    The Superbad redhead is in two movies at once (The crazy-fun House Bunny and the crazy-weird The Rocker) and is being touted as the next pretty/funny lady to watch. She will also play “The Ghost of Girlfriends Past” in a movie of the same name with Matthew McConaughey next year. It’s really true: he gets older, the ingenues stay the same age. Read More ›

    Rach 5 years ago 2 responses

  • Free Mickey ‘08

    Small loopholes in the early copyrights for Mickey Mouse may release the cartoon character to the public domain this year. Some 1920s lawyer is really kicking himself. Most likely, Disney will go crazy on people’s asses and take back the mouse—but can’t we all dream of a world in which we could produce Mickey’s likeness without punishment? Utopia! Read More ›

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  • Golshifteh Farahani

    One of Iran’s most popular actresses, Farahani was just banned from leaving her native country after starring in “Body of Lies” with Leonardo DiCaprio. Apparently the movie portrays some of the more negative aspects of Iranian culture, including the national drug problem and Al-Qaeda connections. Perhaps they should have also put banning people from the airport on that list. Read More ›

    Rach 5 years ago 2 responses

  • Center Stage 2

    OMG, there will officially be a sequel to the 2000 teen flick, a guilty pleasure packed with toe shoes and insane dance montages. Better yet, ABT dancer Ethan Stiefel will reprise his role as Cooper Nielson, the ultimate lothario in spandex (because there are so many), and Peter Gallagher will bring his eyebrows to the screen yet again. Read More ›

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  • The Bronze Fonz Unveiled

    Ayyy! Milwaukee ended its year-long campaign to immortalize Henry Winkler today, when a statue of his legendary Happy Days character, Arthur Fonzarelli, became a reality. More cities should spend their money this way. View Image ›

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  • Recession Hits the Rialto

    Broadway musicals are dropping like flies due to tough economic times. Godspell, Brigadoon, and For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf have been scrapped before opening, and others are threatening the same. We say, what gives? Why is it that when pennies must be pinched, tap shoes and glitter are always the first things to go? Sigh. Read More ›

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  • Muxtape Shut Down by the RIAA

    Everyone’s favorite online mixtape genius site, Muxtape, is down today, after having been touched by the music police, aka the RIAA. It was only a matter of time (sadly), but we hope this gets resolved soon. Muxtapes are too good of a work distraction to be gone for long. Read More ›

    Rach 5 years ago 3 responses

  • Olsen Twins Jokes Rule the Bob Saget Roast

    The Bob Saget Roast that aired on Comedy Central Sunday night was funny, but would have been ratings gold had all of the naughty Olsen sisters jokes (and there were MANY) made it to the broadcast. Comedy Central did not air some of the more off-color zingers about the twin’s alleged promiscuity and eating troubles. Granted, they were probably inappropriate for a mass audience—example!: Jeffrey Ross said, “Is it true you used to give Mary-Kate acting lessons? He’d tell her, “Act like this never happened.” She’d be like, “You got it, dude.”“ Read More ›

    Rach 5 years ago 7 responses