17 Times Taystee From "Orange Is The New Black" Gave Us Life

The flyest inmate at Litchfield Federal Penitentiary is here to give you everlasting life. Praise her light.

1. The time she stood up for the important issues.

Netflix / Via fyoitnb.tumblr.com

2. When she got real about Toddlers & Tiaras.

Netflix / Via rosathewitch.com

“Grand Supreme MY ASS.” - something Taystee probably thought once or twice

3. But was forced to admit what we all know to be true.

4. When she made one of the bravest requests in history.

Netflix / Via giphy.com

5. And then fearlessly rocked that bleach blonde weave.

Netflix / Via giphy.com

#werk #sorrynotsorrypiper

6. The moment she defended the best book ever written.

Netflix / Via giphy.com

7. And really, really meant it.

Netflix / Via giphy.com

8. When she saved someone from an embarrassing moment.

9. The time she gave ice cream the deep respect it deserves.

10. When her flawless ways made her literally glow.

Netflix / Via rebloggy.com

11. The time she made us seriously tear up.


12. When she might’ve stated the obvious…

13. But she immediately redeemed herself by bringing out our inner grammar freaks.


14. The moment we realized she’d always have the best “fun fact” during icebreakers.

Netflix / Via giphy.com

15. When she was in charge of the only thing in life that matters.

16. When you realized ain’t nobody got time for that, especially not Taystee.

Netflix / Via giphy.com

17. And finally, the moment our love for her was sealed forever.

Netflix / Via dppl.tumblr.com

Get it, girl.

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