Republicans Snap Pictures With Celebrities At Their Convention

OK, it’s almost entirely Jon Voight.

Via http://Instagram

Our MW team member David meets "Professional Film and Television Actor" Jon Voight, at #GOP2012. http://t.co/GD9M2i4O

— MWCapitol (@Miller/Wenhold)

just met jon voight!! #AHHHH #GOP2012 #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/sESZwQZi

— magg_stewart (@Maggie Stewart)

Patrick Mara & Jon Voight at the #GOP2012 Convention. They talked about ed reform in DC. @patmara http://t.co/0AE0sJK8

— rachelhoff814 (@Rachel Hoff)

Oh look who I met! Jon Voight... Where's Angelina? #GOP2012 http://t.co/x6Cumyfs

— luismiramirez (@Luis Miguel Ramirez)

@gopac president @david_avella and Jon Voight at the @gopconvention #gop2012 http://t.co/1LHo6CTj

— sparty_marty (@Martina Egerer)

Jon Voight. Good guy, good Republican. http://t.co/7T5r64rC

— randrewcarroll (@Andrew Carroll)

THE Jon Voight? #rncgram http://t.co/dDogzLvz

— jtillmantimes (@Jodie Tillman)

Victoria Jackson on Radio Row at #GOP2012 http://t.co/5PAJWNrF

— BobbiJoR (@Bobbi Rohrberg)

Andrew Firestone of Bachelor 3. Hockett said @NewsNatalie would be jealous! http://t.co/fAYfePJ6

— shannonbehnken (@Shannon Behnken)

Lisa Ann On stage as Palin at Thee Dollhouse of Tampa check out the story form Shawn at Creative loafing http://t.co/T6ADpfJi

— AANdotTV (@AllAdultNetworkdotTV)

And the backlash:

"I'm so sick of Hollywood shoving their politics down our... OOOH! Jon Voight!"

— ExJon (@Jøn G.)

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