10 Reasons Why Tom Atkins Is The Chief

Take out your VHS of The Fog, dust off your Laserdisc of Night of the Creeps, fire up that BluRay of My Bloody Valentine, and celebrate The Chief of the Horror, Tom Atkins.

1. Tom Atkins is a legend.

2. Even his mustache is a celebrity.

3. He looks great in a tux.

Black tie, white tie - doesn’t matter.

4. When the Zombie Apocalypse strikes, you’ll want him around.

5. He appreciates a good drink.

7. He’s an exceptional dancer.

8. He’s equally as awesome on TV…

9. He gets mistaken for Stan Lee.

10. He’s starring as Art Rooney, Sr. in THE CHIEF at Pittsburgh Public Theater in January.

Wait…you haven’t seen THE CHIEF yet?

So…you’ll be there?

We Love You, Tom.

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