What It’s Like To Have Your Period As Told By Batman, Bane And The Joker

You could say it’s the “bane” of our existence.

1. The first time your mom tells you about your period you’re like,

ID: 896414

2. And then puberty hits and she’s like,

ID: 896393

3. To which you respond, “Bring it on!”

ID: 896394

5. Until “it” actually happens and you’re like,

ID: 896392

6. And…

ID: 896415

7. Then, a bunch of weird stuff starts happening.

ID: 896419

8. First, you get really emotional.

ID: 896403

9. And then out of nowhere you’re like,

ID: 896406

10. And all of your male friends are like,

ID: 896389

11. To which you kindly respond,

ID: 896391

12. At this point you’re like, “It’s time for an entire tray of brownies”.

ID: 896411

13. Because if you don’t get some chocolate in you stat. Some serious $h!t is about to go down.

ID: 896396

14. Your whole world is turning upside down.

ID: 896416

15. And all anyone can say is,

ID: 896390

16. At which point you’re like,

ID: 896405

17. But you want to know the real worst part about your period?

ID: 896424

18. It’s when you’re not actually on your period, but everyone thinks you are.

ID: 896397

19. Your dad’s like, “Is it PMS?”

ID: 896410

21. Having your period sucks. Like Batman, no one understands you.

ID: 896418

22. And that can be frustrating.

ID: 896422

23. But in the end,

ID: 896408

24. Batman out.

ID: 896420

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