How To Deal With Donald Glover Leaving “Community”

It’s not going to be an smooth ride, Human Beings.

We knew that our favorite writer/rapper/actor/comedian/model (is there anything he can’t do?) was limiting his appearances on next season’s Community, which kind of put a damper on show-runner Dan Harmon’s return. But The AV Club revealed that Glover will exit the show permanently, making six season and a movie taste a little less sweet. Here’s what to expect as you digest the news:

ID: 1477865

2. At first, you’re going to be flat-out speechless.

ID: 1477662

3. How can you expect to survive without this:

ID: 1477691

5. Is there even a reason to get out of bed without this:

ID: 1477802

6. You may start to get overwhelmed.

ID: 1477708

7. There will be a lot going on inside you.

ID: 1477714

8. Let it out.

ID: 1477719

9. You’re understandably distressed. Losing Troy will be a huge blow to your education.

ID: 1477728

10. Who else is going to make sure we know all the important stuff, like:

ID: 1477732

11. He asks the important questions.

ID: 1477734

12. And he isn’t afraid to challenge societal norms.

ID: 1477736

13. Troy Barnes is an inspiration.

ID: 1477739

14. So when you realize he’s about to leave Greendale forever, you’re going to need to find ways to handle your grief.

ID: 1477759

15. You might want to take it out on Donald.

ID: 1477762

16. How could you abandon us, Donald?

ID: 1477764

17. You could hit the liquor, but its not reccommended.

ID: 1477779

18. Maybe you can start fresh and get a new identity.

ID: 1477782

19. Or just pull a Lohan and take a “court-mandated vacation.”

ID: 1477786

20. When all else fails, eat your feelings.

ID: 1477791

21. Eat aggressively and politically incorrectly. You deserve it right now.

ID: 1477834

22. Have faith in food.

ID: 1477793

23. Dessert should take your mind off things.

ID: 1477799

24. But there’s a chance endless binge eating won’t fill that T-Bone sized hole in your heart.

ID: 1477800

25. Maybe if you take matters into your own hands, you can change things.

ID: 1477803

26. But there’s no need to go to extremes.

ID: 1477853

27. Finally you realize you’re just going to have to surrender to the facts.

ID: 1477810

28. And be thankful you don’t have to suffer through anymore of this:

ID: 1477809

29. Just remember all the good times:

ID: 1477811

33. And the weird…

ID: 1477823

36. Rest assured that these two WILL be friends forever…

ID: 1477840

37. Get the countdown started because you have TWO upcoming shows to be excited about now.

ID: 1477845

38. And try not to worry too much about how Abed is possibly going to survive this.

Maybe we’ll get a My Little Pony style breakdown this time.

ID: 1477850

39. For real,

ID: 1477856


ID: 1477858

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