37 Unique Glasses To Make Happy Hour Even Happier

Whatever your alcohol of choice may be, there’s a glass to go with it. From fun and funny to beautiful and bizarre, these will start a conversation before the alcohol itself does.

1. 1. Wine Hourglasses, $75 for set of four

Very cool — and could easily inspire some unusual drinking games.
From Uncommon Goods.

ID: 537019

2. 2. Green & Pink Champagne Glasses, $20.99 for set of two

Sturdier and prettier than your average flute.
From Target.

ID: 536969

3. 3. Australian Beer Glasses, $39.99 for set of two

An optical illusion that’s cool even when you’re sober.
From Brookstone.

ID: 536976

4. 4. Glass Tank, $419

For when you’ve had a really rough day at work.
By Kouichi Okamoto on Generate.

ID: 536978

5. 5. Rainbow Mason Jar Wine Glasses, $40 for set of four

Redneck and glamorous all at once.
By Marsh Home on Etsy.

ID: 537013

6. 6. Day Shot Glasses, $75 for set of six

Taste the rainbow.
From Uncommon Goods.

ID: 534569

7. 7. “EvOlverre” One Glass For Every Drink

Because your alcohol of choice may change throughout the night.
By Utopik Designs.

ID: 537047

8. 8. Inside Out Champagne Glasses, $70 for set of two

Timeless but unique.
From MOMA store.

ID: 536972

9. 9. Spiral Waves Wine Glasses, $90 for set of four

Add whimsy and fun to cocktail hour.
By Wood Eye Glass on Etsy.

ID: 537016

10. 10. Sagaform Club Martini Glasses, $24 for set of four

Easy to spot, and a lot harder to spill.
From Firebox.

ID: 537021

11. 11. Mardi Gras Pitcher and Glass Set, $99

For those remaining days of summer.
From Swank Martini.

ID: 537037

12. 12. Ultima Thule Highball Glasses, $69 for set of two

Not sure how it stands up, but love the icy aesthetic.
From All Modern.

ID: 537055

13. 12. Capri Martini Glasses, $135 for set of six

If Dr. Seuss made martini glasses…
From Uncommon Goods.

ID: 537033

14. 13. Magnetic Shot Glasses, $25.95

Pointless… but awesome.
From Home Wet Bat.

ID: 543112

15. 14. Cubist Martini Set, $69.95 for set of four

A glass within a glass keeps your cocktail cool.
From Red Envelope.

ID: 537034

16. 15. Swivel Cognac Glass, $47 for set of two

Maybe you can’t knock over a glass that’s already on its side.
From Y Linving.

ID: 537056

17. 16. Beer/Shot Glass Set of Two, $14

For dual wielding.
By Highwave on Fab.com.

ID: 542750

18. 17. Jazz Black Cocktail Glasses, $62 for set of four

Love how they don’t match exactly.
From On The Table.

ID: 542760

19. 18. DuraCLear Margarita Glasses, $49.95-$64.95 set of four or six

Simple and colorful is always a crowd pleaser (just like a margarita).
From Williams Sonoma.

ID: 542770

20. 19. Regal Peacock Stemless Wine Glasses, $145 for set of four

Hand painted and worth the splurge.
From Glamfoxx.

ID: 542843

21. 20. Olive Martini Cocktail Glass, $150 each

Glasses that do the accessorizing for you.
By Garrett Keisling on Artful Home.

ID: 542874

22. 21. Cherry Blossom Stemware, $8 each

Easy on the eyes, and on your wallet.
From Pier 1.

ID: 542915

23. 22. iittala Tapio Sherry Glasses, $55 for set of two

One classy glass.
From Design Public.

ID: 542922

24. 23. Who’s Wine Glasses, $19.95 for set of four

For avoiding confusion… or perhaps making it worse.
From cb2

ID: 542936

25. 24. Test Tube Shot Set, $14

Go wild and geeky at the same time.
From Urban Outfitters.

ID: 543161

26. 25. Socks Rolled Down Stemware, $21 each

More laid back than your average wine glass.
From Better Living Through Design.

ID: 543017

27. 26. Happy People Reversible Glassware, $35-$132

Glasses that don’t discriminate.
From Gibraltar Furniture.

ID: 543035

28. 27. Beer Bottle Beer Glasses, $22 for set of four

Beer bottles given a second life.
From Curate.

ID: 543220

29. 28. Tripod Wine Glasses, $99.99 for set of four

A bit more spill-proof, and a definite conversation starter.
From Collect Renaissance.

ID: 543059

30. 29. The Fairshare Fountain Self-Filling Champagne Glasses, $885

Expensive, yes, but you’d be the coolest host ever.
From Bouf.

ID: 543095

31. 30. Drunk Shot Glass, $12.00 for set of four

As if it matters.
From The Penguin Online.

ID: 543167

32. 31. Musical Wine Glasses, $62 for set of two

A good excuse for that bad habit.
From Luna and Curious.

ID: 543177

33. 32. Chalkboard Wine Glass, $19.95

An alternative to wine charms. (It’s easier to remember your name than your color anyway.)
From Chalkboard China.

ID: 543187

34. 33. Maggliolini Cordial Glasses, $275 for set of six

Color and pattern galore.
From Amazon.

ID: 543212

35. 34. Beer Tasting Glass Set, $29.99

Who knew beer glasses could be so beautiful?
From Red Envelope.

ID: 543223

36. 35. On The Rock Glass and Ice Ball, $20

Comes with a silicon mold for making a long-lasting ice cube.
From Everything But Wine.

ID: 543270

37. 36. Medley Liquor Glass Set, $45

Practical for cocktail making— and pretty to boot.
By Siena on One Kings Lane.

ID: 543274

38. 37. The Big Bordeaux, $49.95

Technically it’s a display piece, but it does hold a full bottle of wine…
From Everything But Wine.

ID: 543294

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