30 Weird And Wonderful Shower Curtains

Some of these make absolutely no sense, some make perfect sense, and some make no sense but manage to work anyway.

1. Social Shower Curtain, $19

“Lives in: the bathroom, Washington D.C.” If you needed a way to freak out dinner party guests this isn’t THAT pricey a way to do it.

From Spinning Hat.

ID: 503814

2. Yoga Shower Curtain, $24.99

Great for those times you need a little toilet reading?

From Style Cure.

ID: 503832

3. Just Face It Shower Curtain, $24.99

Here’s a fun way to bet: loser has to throw a dart at this and grow whatever facial hair he lands on!

From Mod Cloth.

ID: 503820

4. Bertha Shower Curtain, $22

From Ziggi Ziggi.

ID: 503859

5. Make-up Shower Curtain, $20

From Ziggi Ziggi.

ID: 503850

6. Periodic Table Shower Curtain, $30

From Uncommon Goods.

ID: 503906

7. Grasses Shower Curtain, $29

There’s something zen and peaceful about this.

From Urban Outfitters.

ID: 503929

8. Crime Scene Shower Curtain, $12.98

From Plasticland.

ID: 503978

9. Flamenco Shower Curtain, $98

From Anthropologie.

ID: 503957

10. Thomas Paul Elephant Shower Curtain, $120

Some of the best of the animal-themed shower offerings.

From Design Public.

ID: 504046

11. Mustache Mania Shower Curtain, $89

By Bianca Green on Deny Design.

ID: 504001

12. Mosaics Carnivale Shower Curtain, $89

By Karen Harris on Deny Design.

ID: 504058

13. Skyline Shower Curtain, $66

From All Modern.

ID: 503967

14. Singing in Rain Shower Curtain, $10

From Unique Vintage.

ID: 504004

15. Ice Cream Shower Curtain, $89

By Nicole Martinez on Deny Design.

ID: 504047

16. Splish Splash Shower Curtain, $39.95

I love the bluntness of this. SPLISH SPLASH.

From cb2.

ID: 504051

17. Marimekko Kaiku Shower Curtain, $69

From Yolk.

ID: 504062

18. Paris Cafe Shower Curtain, $40.00


From Simons.

ID: 504069

19. Bacon Strips Shower Curtain, $65

More realism. (Looking at this does not make me feel clean.)

By mgenomgeno on Etsy.

ID: 504070

20. Cobblestones Shower Curtain, $9.99

From Milano.

ID: 504091

21. Bamboo Modern Shower Curtain, $27.99

From My Unique Shower Curtains.

ID: 504101

22. London Underground Shower Curtain, $29

From Izola Shower.

ID: 504097

23. Wobble Shower Curtain, $17.99

From Overstock.

ID: 504094

24. Circle Sketch Shower Curtain, $20

From Simons.

ID: 504106

25. Valila Jaffa Shower Curtain, $67.50

From Wayfair.

ID: 504110

26. Dizzying Heights Shower Curtain, $89

By Shannon Clark on Deny Design.

ID: 504007

27. Coral Reef Shower Curtain, $39

From West Elm.

ID: 504126

28. Wenko Water Shower Curtain, $34

Make your own puns about the DOUCHE part of this in comments.

From Wayfair.

ID: 504120

29. Scrub A Dub Bubbly Shower Curtain, $44.99

From Mod Cloth.

ID: 504183

30. Balloons Shower Curtain, $29

From Vision Bedding.

ID: 504195

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