Cows Are Cool, You Guys


1. Dogs like hanging out with them. And we trust dogs’ opinions, don’t we?

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2. I mean, have you seen a baby cow?


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3. Cows always look at you. They don’t ignore you, because they care about you.

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4. Cows like joking around, too. (And lookit the nose! So cute!)

ID: 1035644

5. No, really. Cow noses are cute.

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6. You’ll never hear a cow complain about a bad hair day.

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7. They come in all different sizes, shapes and colors, just like people.

But they get along better than people.

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8. They like going out on the town sometimes.

Cows like to party. You can relate to that, right?

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9. They like to eat healthy (lots of greens!).

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10. You think your dog’s smile is cute? Check this guy out!

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