17 Summer Jams You Need For Your Party Playlists

Y’know, other than “Happy.”

1. The “Look, This Is Already Unavoidable So Just Have Fun With It!” Summer Jam

ID: 2982513

2. The “What If Stevie Wonder Was A Lot Hornier?” Summer Jam

ID: 2982574

3. The Teen R&B Prodigy From England Summer Jam

ID: 2982533

4. The Most Ridiculously Turnt Up Summer Jam

ID: 2982542

5. The “What If Mariah Carey Did A Saxobeat Song?” Summer Jam

ID: 2982527

6. The “Get The Girls Back Together” Summer Jam”

ID: 2987966

7. The “Most Romantic EDM Song Ever” Summer Jam

ID: 2982552

8. The Summer Jam For People Who Just Wanted One More Great Michael Jackson Song

ID: 2982595

9. The “No, Really, Even If You Think You Hate Skrillex, You Need To HEAR THIS” Summer Jam

ID: 2982557

10. The “More Raw Than Literally Anything” Summer Jam

ID: 2982565

11. The “Dance Like A Maniac In Your Bedroom” Summer Jam

ID: 2982615

12. The Angsty Summer Jam That Will Still Make You Feel Happy To Be Alive

ID: 2988089

13. The “Spend Your Whole Paycheck” Summer Jam

ID: 2982829

14. The “Wow, Girl Talk Is Actually Great At Producing Rappers” Summer Jam

ID: 2982570

15. The “Anyone Can Dance To This” Summer Jam

ID: 2982810

16. The “Yeah, This Song Is A Big Hit In Europe!” Summer Jam

ID: 2987961

17. The “J. Lo And Ricky Martin Are Ageless Icons” Summer Jam

ID: 2984658

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