59 Reasons Netflix Streaming Is Extremely Disappointing

This post is dedicated to everyone who has ever spent a full hour trying to find something to watch before giving up completely.

Netflix is great, right? They have cool original series like Orange Is the New Black

ID: 3330813

And House of Cards

ID: 3330833

..and the fourth season of Arrested Development.

ID: 3330825

But if you’re looking for movies that are streaming on Netflix, you have to say a little prayer and hope for the best.

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Let’s say you get the urge to rewatch Boogie Nights. What a great movie, right?

New Line
ID: 3331052

1. Nope. Not happening.

ID: 3329692

2. OK, maybe a different Paul Thomas Anderson film?

ID: 3329690

3. Ugh, seriously?

ID: 3329688

OK, OK. It’s not a Paul Thomas Anderson night. But what about…

ID: 3331642

4. Robert Altman?

ID: 3329774

5. Francis Ford Coppola?

ID: 3329700

6. Richard Linklater?

ID: 3329749

7. Woody Allen, aside from Annie Hall and Manhattan, or his lame recent movies?

ID: 3329728

8. Maybe something by John Cassavetes?

ID: 3329768

9. Nicole Holofcener?

ID: 3332479

10. Alfred Hitchcock?

ID: 3329752

11. Roman Polanski, in his glory days?

ID: 3329732

12. Coen Brothers? They gotta have The Big Lebowski.

ID: 3329735


ID: 3331856

13. Maybe something a bit older, like a Preston Sturges movie?

ID: 3329706

14. Or possibly John Ford?

ID: 3329781

15. Fine. Fine. Maybe…Martin Scorcese?

ID: 3329771

16. A slightly less popular Scorcese movie?

Ugh. This one is so good too.

ID: 3329717

17. Bergman?

ID: 3329779

18. Antonioni?

ID: 3329725

19. Kubrick?

ID: 3329844

20. Tarantino?

(In fairness, they do have Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.)

ID: 3329711

21. Orson goddamn Welles?

ID: 3329709

(Sarcastic clapping)

Warner Bros.
ID: 3331785

22. Are there any classic movies here?

ID: 3329737

23. Like, at all?

ID: 3329738

24. Anything a budding cinephile might want to catch up on?

ID: 3329782

25. C’mon, guys.

ID: 3329743

26. This is impossible.

ID: 3329838

OK, this is a real shot in the dark, but is there even the slightest chance they could have some….French New Wave films?

ID: 3331977

27. LOL, of course not!

ID: 3329832

28. Why would there be?

ID: 3329722

29. As far as Netflix is concerned, Louis Malle doesn’t even exist.

ID: 3329714

30. And Breathless is some movie by a South Korean director.

ID: 3329826

You know what? Maybe the problem is that we’re looking for movies that are a little too arty. Let’s just watch something popular. Something everyone knows and loves.

ID: 3332062

31. Ha.

ID: 3329742

32. Hahahaha!

ID: 3329757

33. Suuuuuure.

ID: 3329787

34. Riiiiight.

ID: 3329785

35. Of course.

ID: 3329696

36. That’s hilarious.

ID: 3329822

37. It’s insane to think they’d have a Harry Potter movie, much less all of them.

ID: 3331488
Warner Bros.
ID: 3331500

38. Now just randomly typing in the names of famous movies.

ID: 3329762

39. Nope.

ID: 3329819

40. Nope.

ID: 3329857

41. Nope.

ID: 3329821

42. Yeah, this wasn’t the Arthur I had in mind.

ID: 3329777

43. Nope.

ID: 3332224

44. Nope.

ID: 3329694

45. Nope.

ID: 3332470

46. Nope.

ID: 3332236

47. Nope.

ID: 3329829

48. Nope, nope.

ID: 3329854

49. Nope, nope, nope.

ID: 3329716
ID: 3331825

50. Sigh.

ID: 3329848

51. Siiiiigh.

ID: 3332309

OK. It could be that Netflix is just a lot better for binging on television shows. Maybe it’s time to catch up on a classic series.

ID: 3332331

52. Ugh.

ID: 3330789

53. Really?

ID: 3330781

54. Jeez.

ID: 3332351

55. You’re killing me, Netflix.

ID: 3330785

56. It’s not like this isn’t in reruns on TV all day, but still.

ID: 3330793

57. This is futile.

ID: 3330798

58. And, frankly, at this point, soul-crushing.

ID: 3332376

59. It’s like Netflix is trying to hurt us.

ID: 3330779

Well, there’s only one solution to this problem.

ID: 3332442

It’s time to go where everybody knows your name.

ID: 3330799


ID: 3332528

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