13 Things Only British People Will Find Funny

There’s a reason why we are renowned for our sense of humour…

1. Jaffa Cakes’ attempt at user interaction on Facebook

ID: 1311962

2. Sid Owen photobombing Chris Brown

ID: 1311970

3. Imogen Thomas’ baby giving evils

ID: 1311976

4. This.

ID: 1312000

5. Remember Pugwall’s Summer?

ID: 1312013

This is Pugwall NOW.

ID: 1312020

6. This grave is in Highgate Cemetery alongside Karl Marx and Douglas Adams (Not the dead bit… Obviously…)

ID: 1312044

7. TLF Travel Alerts

ID: 1312052

8. Rihanna’s attack on Liz Jones

ID: 1312071

9. This is why we’re so good at it…

ID: 1312079

10. This owl

ID: 1312125

11. Poll answers on a kids’ website

ID: 1312127

12. Someone hacking the Wikipedia page for So Solid Crew

ID: 1312132

13. Kids called Hugo

ID: 1312148

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