10 Things You Haven’t Tried But Probably Should

Trying new things is fun and is a great way to open yourself to new experiences. If you’ve tried any of these tasks, congratulations! But if not, why not give it shot?

1. Zorbing

Imagine yourself in a ball. Now imagine yourself running down hills and rolling through water. That is zorbing.

2. Miracle Fruit

The miracle fruit is an amazing taste inhibitor. It makes things seem sweeter than they actually are. Hot sauce can taste like doughnut glaze, and things that aren’t meant to be sweet can taste like candy.

3. Pepsi NEXT

Pepsi NEXT is a cola with 60% less sugar than regular Pepsi and still tastes great. How can something taste so good with less sugar? You’ve got to drink it to believe it.

4. Skinny dipping

Taking a dip without your skivvies has got to be on your bucket list, right? Nobody sees your naked-ness in the water anyway.

5. Taking a bath in a hot spring

After you’ve gotten your fear of skinny dipping, try bathing with a scenic view at a hot spring.

6. Eating an insect

You don’t even have to eat them raw! Try them baked in a chocolate “chirpy” chip cookie.

7. Speed Dating

Why not? If you don’t like anyone, you’re only talking to them for 5 minutes anyway. And what if you happen to meet someone you like? It only took you a few minutes to find them.

8. Black Garlic

Black Garlic is garlic without all the annoying stuff. There’s no bad breath after eating a ton! Just look past the burnt-looking color.

9. Milking a cow, and then drinking the milk

I’m sure you’ve wondered what it’s like to drink cow’s milk right after milking it yourself. Just think of the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment you’ll feel.

10. Going to The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Don’t be quick to judge! BuzzFeed’s own Matt Stopera went to The Gathering Of The Juggalos and had a wonderful time. Sometimes it’s fun to experience things out of your comfort zone.

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