21 Works Of Art For The Office Supply Fetishist In You

Do you feel a thrilling jolt anytime you pierce paper with a stapler? Does nothing feel better than an ultra-smooth Pilot pen rolling languorously across your Moleskine? Here’s some art you might really appreciate.

1. Peter Root - Ephemicropolis (2010)

Made from 100,000 staples.

ID: 1006253

2. Packing Tape Spiderweb Installation

Read more about it here.

ID: 1006256

3. Pencil Chair by Anon Pairot

ID: 1006258

4. Pencil Shaving Sculptures by Helga Nicolas

ID: 1006260

5. Suspended Post-It Note Installation by Thomas Jackson

ID: 1006444

6. To Mark A Significant Space in the Living Room by Rebecca Murtaugh

ID: 1006325

7. More Post-It Note Art from Becker Schmitz & Il-Jin breath Choi

ID: 1006447

8. Colored Pencil Sculptures by Jennifer Maestre

ID: 1006330

9. Crayon Sculptures by Diem Chau

ID: 1006336

10. Motohiro Tomii’s Tiny Post-It Note Sculptures

ID: 1006402

11. Radford Wallis’ Giant Office Supplies

ID: 1006406

12. Spring by Margarita Mileva

ID: 1006410

13. Shane McAdams’ Psychadelic Ball Point Pen Drawings

See more here.

ID: 1006463

14. .5mm Pencil Lead Sculptures by Peter Trevelyan

ID: 1006431

15. Jared Clark, The Guy Who Draws With His Face Full of Sharpies

ID: 1006441

16. A Thumbtack Cactus by The Miha Artnak

ID: 1006450

17. Colored Pencil Sculptures by Takafumi Yagi

ID: 1006459

18. Felt-Tip Prints by Daniel Eatock

ID: 1006857

19. Staple Carpets by We Make Carpets

ID: 1006861

20. JenCo’s Pencil Shaving Dress

ID: 1006862

21. Herb Williams’ Crayon Wildfire Sculptures

ID: 1006867

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