35 Things To Do With All Those Books

Let’s talk bookshelves. Both practically and impractically.

1. Keep them in your fireplace.

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2. Make your own Little Free Library.

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3. Rethink your skateboard.

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4. Put them in a birdcage.

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5. Build shelves as high as they will go.

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8. Convert your bedroom door into bookshelves.

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9. Turn your pantry into a bookshelf.

Books > Food.

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10. Staircases make great places for bookshelves.

There’s all that dead space!

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11. Stack them on your stairs.

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12. Turn them into stairs.

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13. Build a portal.

Might take some carpentry skills, but totally worth it. As seen at John W. Doull Books in Dartsmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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14. Make an arch or doorway.

So you can walk in and out of books for the rest of your life.

(This is a bookstore entrance in Lyon, France.)

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15. Replace your closet with books.

Clothes — who needs ‘em??

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Put a nook in there.

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16. Make good use of your corners.

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17. Build a book cave.

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18. Or a book igloo.

By Miler Lagos.

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19. Or a book shed.

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20. Or a book throne.

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21. Keep the sunlight out with impromptu book window shades.

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22. Make a kitchen island out of them.

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23. Strap them to the back of any inanimate object.

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24. Suspend them from the ceiling for the most epic mobile ever.

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25. Recreate a still life.

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26. Sleep on them.

ID: 1217169

27. Sleep beside them.

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28. Block the door with them for the utmost in home security.

No one is ever getting in.

ID: 1217079

29. Stack ‘em in the corner.

Books are the only things that don’t create clutter. They look great however, wherever, they are.

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30. Against a wall.

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31. Underneath a table.

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32. On top of a table.

ID: 1216210

Agatha Christie, you’re doing it right.

ID: 1216569

33. Stack them anywhere.

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34. Let them hold your tea mug.

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35. Stack them tall and proud.

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