58 Very Tiny Cute Things

Everything’s better in miniature format. Unless we’re talking about insects. Ew.

2. Tiny Tangerine

5. Tiny Hamster Pizza

6. Tiny Chairs

7. Tiny Human Feet

9. Tiny Swimming Pool

11. Tiny Desserts

12. Tiny Toilet Paper

13. Tiny Coloring Pencils

15. Tiny Lunch

16. Tiny Bat

17. Tiny Cat Cookies

19. Tiny Bug Memorial

21. Tiny Waffle Maker

23. Tiny Cheese Plate

26. Tiny Credenza

27. Tiny Coffee Table

28. Tiny Teddy Bear

29. Tiny Sushi

32. Tiny Terrarium

33. Tiny Bookcase

34. Tiny Journal

35. Tiny Banana

36. Tiny Cat Office

38. Tiny Mexican Food

39. Tiny Important Book of Poetry

41. Tiny Italian Food

45. Tiny Porch Swing

48. Tiny Nerd Glasses

50. Tiny Succulents Grown In Corks

51. Tiny Succulent in a Mug

53. Tiny Monkey

56. Tiny Kabobs

57. Tiny Hamster

58. Tiny Letters


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