The 25 Coolest Packaging Designs Of 2013

It’s what’s on the outside that counts.

1. Wild Bounty Skincare Line from New Zealand

ID: 2024005

Conceived by Auckland Agency Dow Design. You can get the products at the brand’s flagship store in Hong Kong.

ID: 2024011

2. Kirin Mineral Water

The Asian beverage brand gets a fresh, geometric new look.

ID: 2024033

3. Method’s Hand Soaps


Orla Kiely, is that you?

ID: 2024043

4. Violator, German Beer


This series of brews that violate the German Purity Law were designed by Ross Burwell.

ID: 2024125

5. Body & Eden Herbal Elixirs


Buy them here.

ID: 2024209

6. Vin Grâce Wine Packaging


The most beautiful paper wine packaging yet. Get more information about the designers here.

ID: 2024219

7. 7-11’s New Sandwich Packaging


Only available in Sweden, of course. Designed by BVD.

ID: 2024223

8. 52 North, a London-Based Bar and Restaurant

Design agency I Love Dust worked with interior designers 44th Hill on the branding.

ID: 2024037

9. ICA, a Swedish Brand of Groceries


Amazing how the cartoons interact with the product. Designed by Klas Fahlen.

ID: 2024233

10. Woolworth’s Hand and Nail Shop


SO MANY SCENTS and a different design to go with each one.

ID: 2024264

11. Conceptual Efficient McDonald’s Packaging.


This amazing concept for McDonald’s packaging was designed by Seul Bi Kim.

ID: 2026550

12. BANDiful Bandages

Designed by Vivi Feng & Yu-Ping Chuang. This student project was named theDieline’s Best in Show.

ID: 2092045

13. Chandon’s Limited Edition American Summer Bottles


They got comfy in nautica this year. Designed by Butterfly London.

ID: 2092087

14. Cheeky’s Line of Beauty Products


Cute, fun, and clean. Designed by Pearlfisher in the U.K.

ID: 2092165

15. LIÁ’s Olive Oil Bottles


Designed by Bob Studio in Greece.

ID: 2092275

16. Aeroplay DIY Kite Kit


Designed by Lily Li.

ID: 2092370

The end result.

ID: 2092381

17. Lupains Bakery Bread Packaging


Designed by Les Bons Faiseurs (the good doers).

ID: 2092486

18. Skandinavisk Candles

ID: 2092500

Designed by Skandinavisk, and it pretty much sums up the Scandinavian sensibility.

ID: 2092513

19. OOH OOH AH AH! Banana-Based Jam

Wait, why have I never eaten banana-based jam?? Designed by Peck & co.

ID: 2092634

20. Helt Honey

ID: 2097764

Package design by arhoj.

ID: 2094680

21. Crown’s Line of Maple Syrups


Invokes everything you want to think of when you think of maple syrup. Designed by Studio MPLS.

ID: 2092682

22. Paul and Joe’s Spring 2013 Carousel-Inspired Collection


Paul and Joe always wins for best makeup packaging.

ID: 2097807

23. Honey Clover Packaging Concept


By Russian designer Maksim Arbuzov.

ID: 2094691

24. Prologue Tea Company

ID: 2094462

A fictional tea company that creates custom blend teas based on classic novels. Designed by Flora Chan.

ID: 2094476

25. Caru Skincare


The packaging is biodegradable and recyclable while the products themselves are filled with eco-friendly ingredients. Buy it here.

ID: 2094584

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