28 T-Shirts For When You Literally Cannot

The story of your life.

1. You’re tired.

ID: 2676348

2. So tired.

ID: 2586186

3. And not just multiple-cups-of-coffee tired.

ID: 2586684

4. Coffee-and-vodka tired.

ID: 2645639

5. Selena-Gomez-Playing-Golf tired.

ID: 2843487

6. So tired that you poured orange juice into your cereal this morning.

ID: 2645658

7. And you wish you had a superpower to postpone “morning” until 2 p.m.

ID: 2680495

8. Tired enough to wish that there were a rollover plan for all of your childhood naps.

ID: 2586900

9. Or at least some sort of distinguished honor.

ID: 2650429

10. Just wanna fall into the nap.

ID: 2848471

11. It’s only 10 a.m. and you’ve officially reached counterproductive o’clock.

ID: 2650284

12. Or maybe it’s more like fuck-this-shit o’clock.

ID: 2650491

13. Or curl-into-a-ball o’clock if we’re getting pedantic.

ID: 2586200

14. Whatever time it is, your uselessness is a virtue.

ID: 2848475

15. That bottle of wine you drank is really hitting you on its way out.

ID: 2844778

16. But hey, at least your T-shirt matches your purple-stained lips.

ID: 2844376

17. You should be proud that you even managed to get dressed.

ID: 2586918

18. It’s about all you can handle right now.

ID: 2843342

19. Just remember: You’re not lazy, you’re “effortless.”

ID: 2845077

20. “I woke up like this,” and not the way Beyoncé does.

ID: 2586915

21. So thankful that we live in an era that thinks pajamas in the outside world are socially acceptable.

ID: 2676275

22. Not that you’ll actually be encountering the outside world anytime soon.

ID: 2650469

23. You’re too busy to tell anyone how busy you are. BUSY DOING NOTHING.

ID: 2639285

24. Words can’t even express how much you don’t care.

ID: 2646445

25. Does judging people count as exercise?

ID: 2646435

26. Does running late count as exercise?

ID: 2586821

27. Everything is hard.

ID: 2848667

28. The end.

ID: 2848681

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