32 Outrageously Fun Things You’ll Want In Your Backyard This Summer

You’ll never want to go back inside.

1. Floating Beanbags

Get them here.

2. An Interchangeable Picnic Table with Seats that Flip Up to Form a Back

3. A Zipline

Buy the kit here.

4. A Hydro Hammock


You can fill this specially designed hammock with water and even keep it heated! Find them here.

5. The Reading Poolside Lounge Chair

Get one here.

6. The Storage Daybed Lounger


This is actually a DIY.

7. The Floating Ping Pong Set

Get it from Brookstone.

8. A Sunken Trampoline

Way safer than a regular trampoline (or pool!).

9. Disney-Themed Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

It’s actually available from Wal-Mart.

10. Geodesic Aviary/Chicken Coop

Available on Etsy.

11. The Beanbag-Hammock Hybrid Swing Chair

Perhaps the best and most comfy way to view sunset after sunset. Get it here.

12. A Canopy Daybed

Take the best naps ever where no one will ever find you. Get it here.

13. An Inflatable Water Slide

Find it here.

14. A Trampoline Treehouse Tent

Do it for the kids! Available here.

15. A Backyard Stream


Your perpetual moment of zen.

16. A Scandinavian Backyard Gazebo

You can BUY THIS.

17. The Cacoon

Get it here.

18. A Swingset Firepit

Get the DIY directions here.

19. The Ultimate Sprinkler

Get the directions here.

20. Pool Bumper Cars

Get them here.

21. A Glass-Encased Fire Pit

Beautifully minimalist. Get the directions here.

22. Cooler Tables

Just IMAGINE your summer BBQs. This model is sold out but you can find a similar one here.

23. A Cushy Backyard Tent

Go glamping in your own backyard. Get the setup here.

24. Inflatable Twister

IT’S ON. Get it here.

25. Rocking Garden Chair

Made from a vintage Swiss cable car, this commissioned piece is the brainchild of designer Adrien Rovero.

26. Copper Rain Shower

More information here.

27. A Canopied Swing Bed

Buy one here.

28. A Pool Shower

New England Home May/June 2008

29. Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speakers

No need for a fancy speaker system when you’ve got this little guy! Find it here.

30. The Triple Hammock

Available from Trinity Hammocks.

31. A “Shallow Swing” Disc, AKA a “Potato Chip Chair”

It lets you gently rock around. Find them here.

32. The Adult Version of a Kiddie Pool

Easily improvised with any inflatable boat/raft. Available here.

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